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September 19th, 2022

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The Odds Brothers | Episode 16

Point Spread Shane and Moneyline Mark lament this past weekend’s results of the “Pick 6” game with a crazy pro football Sunday. They also give their picks for both Monday night games and look forward to the Thursday night contest between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

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Betly 0:13

Welcome to the Odds Brothers Podcast coming to you from the Betly Sportsbook inside the new Southland Casino and Hotel, follow the Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google coming soon to YouTube. Today's show is presented by Betly online sportsbook. Download the Betly online state specific sportsbook app today from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Now here are the hosts of the show. Money line Mark. (I'm not a smart man) and Point Spread Shane.

Shane 0:54

Hello, everybody. On another Monday here at Southland Casino and Hotel, operating inside the Betly Sportsbook. You want to come out and check us out recording on Mondays and Fridays. And today we just made this up. I think it's pretty appropriate based on what we saw yesterday in the NFL. Monday is now going to be known officially as the WTF Mondays.

Mark 1:20

I love it. Absolutely love it!

Shane 1:22

With some of the stuff I saw yesterday in the NFL. And my dad always said the NFL is the hardest sport to bet. I think he'd be right. I think he's Cleveland Browns. What the

Mark 1:35

Flippity flop. Yep, yeah, don't worry Kyle. We're gonna watch it.

Shane 1:39

Indianapolis Colts. What the Flippity flop. Yeah. Hey, Las Vegas Raiders. What?

Mark 1:48

Flippity flop.

Shane 1:50

That's exactly right.

Mark 1:51

Oh, man. That's great.

Shane 1:52

Lots of games yesterday that if you looked in the fourth quarter oh, by the way, I'm sorry. forgot one and probably the biggest one of all. Baltimore Ravens yesterday. 21. Heading into the fourth. What the Flippity flop. Yep. Lots of weird stuff yesterday. Needless to say, that's not the only reason because my picks suck this week. I think everybody's picks suck. I was three of us. You are on par your two with my two points.

Mark 2:22

are normal again have an average of two points a week.

Shane 2:25

Oh, yeah. So let's take a look at all this for the NFL. Just Just a quick guideline. And we'll go over each game briefly. But at least until Monday night's games, which we actually have two tonight, Tennessee at Buffalo and Minnesota at Philly. Yes. The Buffalo lines still holding strong at 10. Philadelphia is now a two and a half point favorite. So it's gone up just a little as the money's been pouring in on the Eagles. But out of the 14 games played yesterday. And Thursday, I guess with the chargers and the chiefs. Six teams covered leaving eight that didn't cover as favorites. And over unders there are five over totals while nine games went under the line. The unders that's a lot of unders

Mark 3:14

Do you think that was due to a lot of strong defenses in week two?

Shane 3:18

Either that or I gotta say you know, the first week I kind of expect it because nobody plays preseason at least your starters. So you figure Week One was rusty, right? Over week two. I'm not even sure some of it is quarterback play and we'll get into that. So we had the chargers and the Chiefs we talk a little bit about that last Thursday night the Chargers looked like they were gonna go in for a Go ahead score returned interception by the Chiefs 99 yards for a touchdown. Next thing you know it's 27-24 That's how it ended. Chiefs does not cover that four though. But the over under How would you like this? It was 52 and a half and the game ended up at 51.

Mark 3:57

Yeah! book loved it.

Shane 3:59

The book loved it. Yeah, love both ends of That's right. Chieftain cover and it went under because it looked like the game was a for sure fire over That's right. And a lot of people don't use will cover so there you go now yes from Sunday Afternoons games. This is one of the WTF moments Cleveland Browns at home against the Jets. What the Jets win 31 to 30

Mark 4:21

Well, I will say this.

Shane 4:22

I mean just crazy right there.

Mark 4:24

Neither neither team wanted to win. But I'll say this. I really thought the browns. One win for the season would have been against the Jets. I know they have one already. But I thought it would have been against the Jets. Yep. If they can't beat the Jets. They're just like I expected.

Shane 4:41

So the Browns are gonna be the Browns I guess regardless of quarterback ownership coach because they had a 13 point lead with I think a minute and a half left, right. Just out of timeout. So what's Nick Chubb do some aliens out of bounds stopping the clock? Sure, why not? All right, they get back score. Oh boy. Oh A successful onside kick. Yes. And then let Joe Flacco run it right down your throat. Yeah, that's right. So Flacco, that's how you get to 31-30. So obviously, the game in Cleveland, much to my demise did not cover six and a half, but they had it with a minute and a half to go.

Mark 5:16

Yes. But that's not quite as big as a blowout as as the Baltimore game. I don't want to say blowout.

Shane 5:22

Yeah. What would you say?

Mark 5:25

Well, I'm trying to keep it PG.

Shane 5:27

rootin tootin. Yeah, let's save that one. All right, as the last one. So the Washington commanders looked like death warmed over and the first half made a game of it. The second half is still lost to Detroit. 36 to 27. So the over went sailing over. Yeah. And Detroit with that measly one and a half point home favorite, easily covered,

Mark 5:50

right? The Lions getting their first win of the season.

Shane 5:54

They are playing hard, but the defense is still the defense. I don't see that improving much. But the offense boy, they're putting up some points. I think it's like 72, the last two weeks or 70 something last two weeks.

Mark 6:05

Who they play last week?

Shane 6:06

They open the season against the Eagles, if you remember, right.

Mark 6:09

So Well, you know, our Nick's not here from the high risers, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. Yeah, go ahead. I don't think the Lions have played anybody with a defense yet.

Shane 6:19

They have not. That goes on the night too, because I like Minnesota. In the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the defensive contest against New Orleans Saints will Jameis Winston went back to being you know, Jameis Winston, couple of picks. One return for a touchdown. Next thing you know a nine six game or nine seven game turns into a 20 to 10 game Bucs win. Under by quite a bit. 44 and a half really wasn't that much but you expect it two defenses here. Alright, good. Yep. And champions have easily covered that two and a half, but it was on the borderline for a long time. Yes. Right.

Mark 6:53

And Tampa finally broke that where the saints are constantly beating them at saints. So that's going to nice, they'd like they made the right adjustments come in second half.

Shane 7:02

Yep. I think that was a what six straight games I think lost in some cases. Embarrassingly lost. So there you go. But Tom Brady still didn't look good.

Mark 7:10

No. No, he's taken a hell if you've seen the news. He's taken an extra year old man day during the week.

Shane 7:17

Oh, boy. Yeah, I need me one of those. Yeah. All right. Barton down in MetLife Stadium Giants at home beat the Carolina Panthers 19 to 16 way under scintillating battle between daddy dimes and Baker Mayfield okay. What? That's the one you had. Right?

Mark 7:35

Yeah. I just want you to know you said last time the Giants were-

Shane 7:38

Caught! Yeah, you're right. Oh, yep. Right there. 100 to 0. Oh, that's right. Steelers at home. Well look like they were going to come back against New England and take that one at the end. But alas, not so. The final score. There was another offensive barnburner 17-14. So under the 40 and a half, which is tough to do. Yeah. And New England ends up covering barely, but they cover that two point favorites on the road. Nice. So I don't know that game was kind of boring. To watch.

Mark 8:13

was even for a Steelers fan. I believe. I think I've seen one of them sleeping out here on the sports book.

Shane 8:18

Yeah, he needs to. Wonder they go to Kenny Pickett. I think it's quarterback the backup one hometown kid from Pitt. Yeah, obviously getting over Trubisky.

Mark 8:30

Stay tuned. That's right. Two more. Two more losses.

Shane 8:34

The Indianapolis Colts. Jonathan Taylor. I know Michael Pittman their top two wide receivers route. Yeah, Matt Ryan, guess what you get blanked at Jacksonville 24. Zip at Jacksonville at Jacksonville.

Mark 8:46

You know the Colts are the only team so far to not score in a game.

Shane 8:52

Yeah, thank God you took that away from the Cowboys have been the only team without a touchdown without a touchdown

Mark 8:57

now Yeah, right. But they still had a field goal.

Shane 8:59

They still had a field goal right lets say you scored. And that was early to first drive. They got it out of the way. But a Indianapolis is a mess now. Oh, one in one on the season. way under and Indianapolis not even close to covered? No. All right. Miami Dolphins. Come back for the ages at Baltimore. They were down 21. And the fourth came back to win 42 to 38 with a nearly last second touchdown pass to Jaylen waddle. Baltimore went from an easy cover to just flat out lose and the This almost looks like a big 12 game the over under and in 82. And it was 44 and a half so almost doubled the line on the over.

Mark 9:41

Somebody may want to tell the Ravens that they have to play all four quarters, not just three. Yeah, with the lead. You still have to play the fourth quarter. That's embarrassing. That's absolutely embarrassing. At least the Ravens?

Shane 9:52

Yeah. And at least Miami's offense does look real for real. That defense I thought was gonna be a little tougher than that. Oh, that allowed Baltimore 38 points that we'll see about that. But that was another one. That was what the Flippity flop. That's right. Late afternoon games. Lord, he tried to rush tried to lose. Dallas did everything humanly possible to try to blow that lead, but they end up getting saved by Brett Moher 50 yard field goals. time expired the win 20 to 17. Cincinnati was a touchdown favorite. Obviously that didn't go through. And it did sale just under the 41 and a half there.

Mark 10:33

Now I will tell you this here at the sports book. I had to go out there and we had to get some towels from the kitchen. Because some of these Dallas fans right here sweating it all the way to the end. Yeah, that they're gonna pass out.

Shane 10:45

I would have been one of those two extra napkins ready. Just I've seen that play way too many times. brutal, but one on one now under an undefeated this season under Cooper rush.

Mark 10:59

Oh, that's right.

Shane 11:00

That'd be a big one. I think they take on the Giants next week on Monday night. Look out.

Mark 11:06

Boy, is that going to be one of your picks coming up?

Shane 11:08

I can't do it. We can just pick the Cowboys. I got too much emotion in it anyway.

Mark 11:13

Don't wanna jinx I'll jinx em for you. Okay, all right. Do it.

Shane 11:17

Falcons, dirty birds look dead. Brands look like they were gonna crush them. Lana made a comeback 27 to 31 It fell short with a pick in the endzone there on one of the last plays that Atlanta had with just about a minute to go over under was easily exceeded. And rams my 10 did not materialize there. So what about that tiger?

Mark 11:39

No, that was I actually thought it was a good game to watch. You know, I think a the Rams should have won that my 10 What's that tell you about the Rams?

Shane 11:48

Yes, lots of problems. Yeah. For Super Bowl champions. Lots of issues. So and their schedule doesn't get a lot easier either. Big news in San Francisco Trey Lance last at all, but basically two series he fractured his ankle up for the year so it's Garoppolo Yes. And they easily dispatched Seattle 27 to seven so San Fran easily covered at eight and a half. And the over under a 41 not quite there because Seattle did not do their part there.

Mark 12:18

No not you know what? Looking at Jimmy stats. He didn't do anything super amazing.

Shane 12:24

No, shoot. What 151 yards past something and right I know we had a rushing touchdown.

Mark 12:30

Yeah, that's it was It wasn't much so I know that some of the news is that they're already looking for another quarterback which is kind of odd. But-

Shane 12:38

They need to they didn't carry but two on the roster. I don't think.

Mark 12:40

Well they take the kicker out there and do just fine.

Shane 12:42

It's debo Samuel as a kicker. This this. I thought for sure. Denver should have won against Seattle at 14 points on the board. For two fumbles. I thought Texans coming in town Russell Wilson playing a home game in front of the dump truck Ville Yes. Now they had to sweat it out to the end the only won 16 to nine and then offensive barnburner there against the Texans against the Texans. Yeah, so the over under was 46 Not even close Denver by 10. Well, they only got seven.

Mark 13:14

Yeah, you know, I said I know they I know Broncos are when they're but I didn't think they're gonna be good this year.

Shane 13:22

Well, I can't really right now. I'm looking at I think I said that he really go over 10 wins, right? Yeah. Well, there's one there. The other nine are going to be struggling I have a feeling something changes up in the Mile High City. Arizona Cardinals probably one of the most exciting back and forth games I've seen in the second half in a while. They mount a furious comeback as well and end up winning in overtime in a weird fashion 29 to 23 against that Raiders Raiders so that overtime and the touchdown in the overtime just got over that 51 and a half there. And then to boot. Vegas was a five and a half point favorite looked like they were gonna cinch that up until the fourth quarter happened. Yeah. And not only did they not cinch it they didn't even win the dang game.

Mark 14:10

No, I know. And I thought that was a good game though. That was another good game to watch. Now you know some of these games your was a snooze fest. But if you liked an offensive battle and a defensive battle too, because there were some good plays on defense on both sides of the ball. This was the game to watch.

Shane 14:24

Yeah, the the thing that I thought at the end, when Hunter Renfro just tried to squeeze out a few more extra G's playing hard got popped, the ball comes loose. The defensive guy from Arizona when he's going back almost flipped out of his hands. Oh, yeah, too early. They actually had to review the play for a while for a while to see if he basically tossed it out of his hands before he even got to the endzone.

Mark 14:48

That's right. Yeah, that might have been a huge mistake.

Shane 14:51

The part of me wanted to go boy, I wish that would have happened because that would have just had to drum up the Raiders would have got it first in 10 to the 20 and then if they get beat guy not holding on to the ball celebrating a little early could have cost the game.

Mark 15:05

You know I flashed back a little bit but I could have swore we see something like that once before.

Shane 15:11

Well there was a defensive run back by Leon Lett one time, but he didn't just throw it out he was getting ready to celebrate and a guy Don Beebe actually yeah flying behind knocked it right out of his hands.

Mark 15:23

Yep, yes.

Shane 15:25

And as it turned out that 52 to seven dump truck or whatever it was turned out not to be a big factor in the game, but still Yeah. Boy, thanks for bringing that number.

Mark 15:33

no problem. You're welcome.

Shane 15:35

Sunday night game started interesting.

Mark 15:38

Yes, it did.

Shane 15:39

Bears would write down scored a touchdown. And then they barely scored again.

Mark 15:42

Yeah, look like at first the bears are actually going to do something special - in Lambeau Field.

Shane 15:49

And then they got a big. (womp womp womp) That's right. Aaron Rodgers owns them. He says it many times. Yep. And he proved it. 27 to 10. So they easily cover the 10 I heard a lot of people say that was the best bet of the week. I did not follow suit because I didn't like how Green Bay played the week earlier. And then I remembered how bad the bears suck. Same same. The over under though, if you're going to the over just missed 37 to a 41 and a half score. So before we get to the Monday night games, I guess we should own up to the music on a WTF, Monday. And the pros versus the high riser. Champion to be Nick this past Friday. Yes, he did something that I can't quite. I guess really rib him about because I did it too, because I want to pick a Monday night game for some reason when the rules say it's all Sunday games. Well, Nick, Nick took that to a new level. That is right. I made the rules of the game. I didn't follow it. Because I just liked Minnesota so much. And before then I got saved. I like Seattle a lot. So I guess everybody take the Eagles. Yes. All right. Give us the update on the pros versus in this case, the high risers, the running totals? Yes.

Mark 17:06

All right. Well, we'll start with you. Shani. Boy. Alright. You got a total of 1.0. Yeah, I still got Minnesota tonight. Yeah, no, or zero. Just like Nick found out. He had two games. Both of them tonight. Those both both zero. But the high risers finished with two points. However, in our contest, you must beat one of us not push. Yes. So obviously with two points he he does beat you. So he gets a $25 food cup. Congratulations. But for me, I had two points. But that's not beating me. That's just to push a tie. I had just enough to not give them enough at void. Yes. So

Shane 17:48

yeah. So to go through it. Nick had the commanders plus one and a half they got stomped giants minus two he did get San Francisco minus eight and a half he got Yes, Raiders minus five and a half. Well now. And then he took the bills tonight and Philly tonight which are automatic womp womps. Here we go. I know he likes this.

Mark 18:09

You could really do it twice as it gets as he had to. There you go, Nick. Oh, for you, buddy.

Shane 18:16

Mark on the other hand and Ravens. Well, they look like they're easy. No. Yeah, they fell asleep. Seahawks plus eight and a half. No, no. All Saints plus two and a half. Nope. No. No. Giants minus two. You got digney. Steelers plus two? Yeah. And Falcons plus 10. Which was too late fourth quarter. Yeah. That worked me dirty birds. Cleveland. Thank you a lot. minute and a half to go. I should have had that wrapped up. Minus six and a half womp womp. Oh, Pittsburgh plus two. Well, Miami plus three and a half. Cha Ching. Yeah. Only one. Denver minus 10. WTF Monday. Minnesota tonight.

Mark 19:00

Do the womp womp? You gotta do it yourself.

Shane 19:02

Dang it. Fair's fair Nick. In New Orleans, plus two and a half. That was my lock. Thanks. Jameis. Winston. Yeah, enjoy the picks.

Mark 19:14

None of us had our locks this week. No locks. It's been it's rough.

Shane 19:17

And I would imagine I don't know if you took a look at it. The retail how'd we do on NFL Sunday? We did great. Yeah. So it wasn't just us. It was a lot of people where a person could pick yesterday's NFL games successfully. rare person

Mark 19:34

book did very well. Yeah. We don't want to hear the total so far going. Going into the season for these points.

Shane 19:39

Sure. Let's do that.

Mark 19:40

Right. So for pointspread Shane, he's has a combined five points.

Shane 19:45

And one lock, right. Yeah, well, from the previous week.

Mark 19:49

Yeah, yeah. Okay. We'll get to that too. Okay, so we're you're at nine of 13 for Bet of the Week. Okay. Money line Mark, I'm at four points for the pick six. And for the locks on Eighth of third. Seeing the average Joes, we've only had one on so far they have three points. Okay. And the high risers, we've only had one so far they have two points.

Shane 20:09

So if we combine both the high risers and the average shows they're tied for the lead, right? Three and two.

Mark 20:16

Yes with you. Yes. Yeah. All right. Yep, that's right. That's right. We're gonna have some some spectacular guests. I'm sure there's gonna be a goose egg coming soon.

Shane 20:24

Yeah, not so average Joe. This is coming Friday. Not so average Joe.

Mark 20:30

Was that what we're calling it not so average high riser. It's kind of like combined yet is a combined thing.

Shane 20:35

I guess we'll have to ask the

Mark 20:36

average high riser, the average high riser.

Shane 20:38

That'll work. Anyway, that was a good one. Let's talk about tonight's games before we roll. Tennessee Titans. They lost in week one to the Giants no less. There at Buffalo who pretty much manhandled the defending Super Bowl champs on opening night and Buffalo's at home minus 10. That line sold pretty consistent there the over under as 48. What's your initial gut?

Mark 21:08

I think the 48 might be a little tough, but I am going to I would take the Bills at minus 10 I think they just put a stomp in into the Tennessee Titans.

Shane 21:17

You think the Bill Stomp them huh?

Mark 21:18

Yep. Why did they pick cover by the way

Shane 21:20

they're thinking this game might be eight and under because now the new under is over unders 47 and a half. So that's a little odd. They must think that buffalo is gonna score most of it and Tennessee not much.

Mark 21:23

Yeah, that's the way it looks. I know there's a stat out there where Tennessee's won 15 And the last 22 road games but I think most of the losses had to come from the Bills in the last couple of seasons.

Shane 21:41

Yeah, but last year Buffalo was on a roll went into Tennessee. I think it was a Monday night. Maybe it was a Sunday night game and Tennessee dealt with em.

Mark 21:49

That's that's in Tennessee.

Shane 21:50

Well yeah, it's still your Buffalo he I mean, I'm with ya. If I had to pick a side I gotta go Buffalo just how good they looked. Yeah. Minus the 10 at home or home opener to boot.

Mark 22:01

So we'll hopefully we're not doing a WTF event

Shane 22:04

on Friday or Monday. W what the Friday. All right. All right. The other game tonight. Minnesota is on the road in Philly. Both teams undefeated at 1 and 0. Philadelphia has been - They were two. We talked on Friday through two and a half. Now point favorites. Not a lot of movement, but still going up over under 50 and a half. And it's come down 49 and a half now. So it's gone down a whole point. I think some defense might show up a little bit. What's your initial thought?

Mark 22:34

Yeah, I would pick the under but I would also be picking the Vikings at plus two and a half. Yeah, I take the Vikings Vikings one for the last five road games against NFC East teams.

Shane 22:46

That's good. And they got a great offense, one of the best wide receivers and arguably the best wide receiver in the game right now. In Justin Jefferson Dalvin Cook defense looks like they're doing a little better. I mean, I like Minnesota on Fridays game of pick six, even though it wasn't eligible. And that was at two. So I gotta love him at two and a half. So yeah, I got Minnesota and the over under. You know, I'm still not 100% Convinced that Phillies got a defense?

Mark 23:16

Woo hear that Nick?

Shane 23:18

I'm just not what did they allow Detroit to score? I mean, they weren't but it was like, What 38 - 35 or something crazy like that. Yeah. And if you have to drink and hang 35 on Yeah, Minnesota is very capable of that. So I'm gonna sneak over while everybody else is dragging that point total down. I'm gonna go over that 49 and a half. So that's my picks Vikings plus two and a half with the over over. All right, and Tennessee is getting stumped. I think Buffalo minus 10. And I'm gonna go under that 47 and a half they can then score is going to be like 28 - 10.

Mark 23:48

So were just opposite on the over unders on both those games?

Shane 23:52

You think it's going over?

Mark 23:53


Shane 23:54

And buffalo? Yep. But under in Philly, yes. Okay. All right. But we're both taking buffalo in Minnesota. Right. All right. Well, let's see if we can somewhat go there until way I'm remembering it. Four four four maybe Friday. Get us rolling into that. Pick six would be average high riser. Hopefully coming on board. Yeah. On Friday show. It's awesome. All right. Remember,

Mark 24:18

we're gonna talk about Thursday again.

Shane 24:21

We can Yes, Thursday game there's a game there's a Thursday gets right. Thank you for letting me know. Thursday. Game is for you close it out. We

Mark 24:28

got one more we got the Steelers was the browns. Oh, good lord. That's right. In Cleveland in Cleveland. Yep. Currently the line is at minus three and a half to the browns.

Shane 24:39

Well, I just looked on the Betly Arkansas app, right pull it? Oh, yeah. Yeah, right here. All right. And currently we got Cleveland now minus five. Oh, and the over under at 38 and a half.

Mark 24:52

Now let me let me fix my notes. I didn't put the over. Oh, you know, the over was 40. So what is it now it's coming down to 38 and a half. So something's happened.

Shane 25:01

So well, they just figured out you know what? Upon further review, both these teams think, yes, offensively anyway.

Mark 25:11

Who would you go with here with it with the minus five?

Shane 25:15

Cleveland just for some reason has trouble beating Pittsburgh.

Mark 25:19

They had a troubled period.

Shane 25:21

Let's put it this way If Cleveland were to win, I don't think they do it by five. But you got Mitch Trubisky versus Jacoby. Brissette. All right. initial thought is

Shane 25:37

right. Think they get better? Not enough - though.

Mark 25:44

I know it pains you.

Shane 25:48

Alright, Cleveland wins but doesn't cover. That's where I'm going right now. So that'd be Pittsburgh plus five, Pittsburgh plus five. And um, that total just seems so dang low. But then again, they only score 33 or 31. Between New England. All right, and, and under.

Mark 26:06

All right, well, here we go. Again, I'm gonna take Steelers plus five and and I don't have to think about this much. Plus five, and I'm going over, over. Alright. So same thing. We're just

Shane 26:19

changing the over under. Otherwise, we like the same team. All right, that'll work. That's the Thursday game. Yes. Keep in mind, do you want to bet this come to our retail counters our book here at Southland Casino and Hotel. We're inside the sports bar, also the kiosk 24/7. And we invite you to take advantage of the offer. We have to sign up for the Betly mobile app Mark. That's right. So what $250?

Mark 26:45

That's right. $250 RISK FREE first bet you must, your first bet must be at least $10 and up to $250 and the odds must be minus 250 or greater. If your ticket is a loser and you have met all minimum requirements, you will win one free bet equal to the amount you wager up to $250 This is only available on Betly online sportsbook in Tennessee and Arkansas you can do both. If you live over here in Arkansas, you can slide over to the river and do it into Tennessee and vice versa.

Shane 27:17

That's right $250 over here to $250 over there. That's right. $500 total. Let's have a look.

Mark 27:23

The highriser is not here so we could talk about it loud and proud.

Shane 27:27

It hits his budget. So hit it good. All right. And maybe you can put it on the Minnesota and the Eagles game or the Buffalo and Tennessee game. Still time to do it.

Mark 27:37

That's right. All right. Got plenty of time. Get those bets in.

Shane 27:40

All right. Well, that's should wrap things up then here for The Odds brothers. Our podcast happens every Monday and Friday right now. Come join us Friday. Remember that podcast. We'll have our pick six for the weekend. We'll talk some college football. Obviously the NFL, and anything that lines up on the Monday and Thursday games we'll recap as well. And we might have a WTF on Friday.

Mark 28:01

Let's hope not, but we will have a special guest!

Shane 28:03

that's right who Oh Mr. Oh, I hear that's who it might be. Oh, so we'll see. Wrong one which one? The next one? Oh, yeah. All right. All right. Tell me how behalf of Money line Mark. I'm pointspread Shane, thank you for listening to the Odds Brothers and we'll catch you Friday. Peace out!

Betly 28:37

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