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September 16th, 2022

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The Odds Brothers | Episode 15

Point Spread Shane and Moneyline Mark banter back and forth with special guest Nick with picks in this weekend’s Top 25 college football action and NFL slate.

The crew recaps the soon to be famous Pick 6 game and make their selections for this week.

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Betly 0:16

Welcome to the Odds Brothers Podcast coming to you from the Betly Sportsbook inside the new Southland Casino and Hotel, follow Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google coming soon to YouTube. Today's show is presented by Betly online sportsbook. Download the Betly online state specific sportsbook app today from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Now here are the hosts of the show. Moneyline mark. (I'm not a smart man) and Point Spread Shane.

Shane 1:00

Welcome everybody. That was a hard cut.

Mark 1:04


Shane 1:05

Odds Brothers episode 15. Right here on wherever you get your podcasts currently today. pointspread Shane, money line Mark coming to you live from the Betly sportsbook inside Southland Casino and Hotel. Recording here live every Friday and now Monday's with our last week being our first Monday show.

Mark 1:25

That's right.

Shane 1:26

Yeah, we got some updates for you on our picks for the week our pick six that'll be coming up, we're going to take a look at the top 25 action in college football as well. Yes, as always the Sweet Treats and bad beats segment. Those are always fun to try to guess and then got a special guest today, Mark.

Mark 1:43

We do we have a very special guest.

Shane 1:45

We're gonna wait on that for a second. We want you to tell us why we should sign up for the Betly mobile app. Like 250 reasons why.

Mark 1:53

250 dollars reasons why we have a real risk free bet your first bet must be at least $10 up to $250. And the odds must be minus $250 or greater. Okay, you get that if your ticket is a loser, and you meet all the minimum requirements, make sure you check the Betly app for all your minimum requirements. If you're about to lose, you will win one free bet equal to the amount you wager up to $250. This is available on the Betly app. Where can you get the Betly app?

Shane 2:27

You can get it on your Google Play. Right platform or baseball. Oh, well, that's easy.

Mark 2:33

What states?

Shane 2:34

I know three.

Mark 2:35

Okay, let's hear it.

Shane 2:36

Arkansas, Tennessee. West Virginia.

Mark 2:39

But can you know the secret right?

Shane 2:42

Well, I know the secret here.

Mark 2:43

What's the secret here?

Shane 2:45

So they don't want to us to really tell you about this. But if you live close enough or heck, you don't mind the drive?

Mark 2:51

Yeah, cuz we're just arm's distance away.

Shane 2:53

Set up an account in Arkansas. The $250 risk free. Just go over across the bridge. Either one won't do. park in a parking lot. Roll up the windows, download the Tennessee app and do it again.

Mark 3:07

I hope Kyle can hear that.

Shane 3:09

I can do or if he can't he's definitely not editing that out.

Mark 3:13

Yeah, don't don't edit that. But there's a good chance that somebody just heard us give up the secret.

Shane 3:20

Well, that's all right. Right. We want you to try it in football seasons a great time to try it.

Mark 3:24


Shane 3:25

Right now we did have a no come down from Kyle. It's not a if your bet is the loser it is if your bet is win deficient. Win deficient.

Mark 3:35

I like loser better.

Shane 3:37

Losers. Not participation trophy way of saying it. So yeah, that's right. Long story short, it's easy to do download the app, sign up $250 or up to it for your first bet. Risk free.

Mark 3:49

You can do it in both states. Even though you're right here. 10 minutes away from the Casino.

Shane 3:54

Get it done.

Mark 3:56

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Shane 3:57

Speaking of getting it done. Guess what we got today. We have a special guest. Yeah. Once you go ahead and do the introductions.

Mark 4:03

This week's guest is somebody we the segment we're calling high risers. Right. Right. Okay. Hi risers. And this person's name is Nick. Nick from the high risers. That's what we're that's what I'm calling you, Nick from the high rises. Perfect. Hey, welcome, Nick. Perfect outfit. I love it.

Nick 4:20

I wanted to look official for you guys. You know, bring some class to the podcast. You know, try to spruce it up a little bit. I gotta say we start off a bad foot here. I'll just be honest with the way these trade secrets so I'm at the high risers marketing with Betly online and yeah, I mean, you guys are giving away the deep dark secrets man can't be doing that. That's strike one today.

Mark 4:47

We'll get at least a strike three!

Shane 4:50

So as you can tell Nick just got back from one of three things either off the plane from Miami just had his eyes dilated or these lights on stage of just killing blinded by the light.

Nick 5:00

The jack and cokes last night. That's why.

Shane 5:04

So somebody went ahead and got the $250 free bet last night. That's right, a guy in the glasses. All right, well, welcome Nick, we're gonna put you to the test today. We're gonna have you pick some football games with us, and especially the NFL pick six. So be ready for that. Last week when we had the average Joe, otherwise known as Preston, show up on stage, I think, Well, he did beat you. I guess he did. But he failed to beat me right, at least one of the two pros continue a spotless record against the average Joe's or in this case, the high risers until this week, until this week.

Mark 5:39

representing that whole high rise or crew.

Nick 5:41

Listen, I'll just preface it with saying I'm not you know, I'm in marketing, right. But I have been known to make some good picks every once in a while to really be honest.

Shane 5:49

And like our average Joe last week, rumor is this one's a Philly fan, too. So I'm just gonna guess. I'm just gonna guess that might be one of his best bets this week. Ooh. So let's see.

Mark 5:59

Oh, man. All right, it should be interesting.

Shane 6:02

Before we get to all the college football and NFL football action, like we do every single week, we have your sweet treats and bed beat segment the sweet treat once again. Somebody got a nice score on us. Could you use some of that free money that he gives out or the bad beats where you were one leg short and usually it was an excruciating last second field goal or basket or something along that line? Right? Absolutely. Yeah, let's roll.

Betly 6:28

It is now time for money line Mark to dig deeper into his brain. That's literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And your sweet sweet treats. Ding ding ding what do we have for her Johnny! And bad beats. We'll that didn't pan out. In the world of sportsbetting.

Shane 6:47

Oh, yeah. So what do we got for our sweet treat today?

Mark 6:51

Sweet treats coming here at Southland at the retail side.

Shane 6:54

All right. No, no, peeking. Take some notes. Because you're gonna guess against me. This is kind of like the Grand Prize game at the end of the what is that? The Price Is Right. This is right. What are they gonna do

Mark 7:03

a little Bob Barker action going on here? All right. All right. No peeking. All right. No peeking. You look that way. All right. All right. So hear us out. And we had a guest make a $200 bet on the eight leg parlay. Good lord to eight leg. All right. Yep. This happened on 911. All right. So I'll tell you the details of the tickets ticket had the Las Vegas aces money line at minus 250. That's a mark bet. Yeah. And they also had the same game under one under 69 and a half at minus 120. Okay, they had the brewers in game money line at minus three minus 300. Jeez okay. The Houston Astros in game money line at minus 280 the Arizona Diamondbacks money line at minus 160 Let me know if I'm going too fast for you.

Shane 7:55

No, I just got all these negatives in front. Go ahead.

Mark 7:57

Yeah. And now I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing this person's name. Correct. But Alcaraz tennis match.

Shane 8:04

tennis match. Okay, dude at minus what?

Mark 8:06

Mine at minus 220 minus 220? Of course. All right. You had the Kansas City Royals money line after five innings

Shane 8:14

at minus 130? Boy, they must have really played somebody crappy to get that odds. Okay.

Mark 8:19

And the Kansas City Chiefs money line at minus 260.

Shane 8:22

From from last week? Yes. Minus 160.

Mark 8:26

260, of course 260. Now, they had a smorgasbord of events going on wasn't just football wasn't just MLB when they even threw a tennis match in there for Pete's sake.

Shane 8:37

Well, it is an eight Legger It isn't like he really jumped off to the edge. There was some of these picks. minus 300 minus 250. So favorite bill here

Shane 8:51

Oh, no, that's Jeopardy theme song. Nevermind. I'm gonna go. Yeah. Do do

Shane 8:59

3800 3800

Mark 9:02

All right, highriser Nick what you pick?

Nick 9:06

Can you start over was aces right was not the first

Mark 9:12

aces always beat us up so.

Nick 9:14

Is this the Price is Right? I go over if I go

Shane 9:16

right, right. That was the closest and if you get within what? $100 You win both prizes.

Mark 9:20

I don't know what the prizes are,

Mark 9:21

either. All right. He said a blank piece of paper.

Nick 9:24

I get a cookie if I win this.

Shane 9:27


Nick 9:29


Mark 9:33

And what do you get Shane? I know 3800 3800

Shane 9:36

All right, the actual retail price of this.

Mark 9:38

$5,378 $5,378 for that sweet treat. $200 all favorite. Beautiful.

Shane 9:48

Well, that was a little more than I thought but still eight, eight legs. All favorites takes 200 and over five grand.

Mark 9:55

Yeah, not bad.

Shane 9:58

There you go. That's it. Just one for every five grand is the best we do. All right. For every success story, there's a not so successful story and we call it the bad beats who got close and then went womp womp womp.

Mark 10:13

This is gonna be a good one. Not that not that my pockets are this deep to ever be able to do what this person did a guest here at Southland at the retail bet $5,000 on a four legged parlay who, okay, ticket had the New York Mets money line at minus 250. Okay, they won, they won. We had the Houston Astros money line at minus 300. They won Minnesota Twins money line at minus 170. They won. Then they had our beloved St. Louis Cardinals money line at minus 280. They did not win. As a matter of fact, the Cardinals lost two to three. And in the ninth inning, they scored a run but just couldn't get those rally cats backwards enough and upside down in whichever way to get that extra run to put him in an extra innings. potential payout of $8,000.

Shane 11:05

So 5000 Yes, you know, we talked about this before on the show, but it'd be interesting from your perspective, like marketing guy, right? So for me, I'm risking five grand, I'm taking four heavy favorites. And of course one doesn't come through to me, it sounds like it was the most heavily favored one of the group, the Cardinals, and your potential payout was basically 3000 on top or 3500. To me, that doesn't seem to make sense. But then again, you get $3,000 out of the five. But I mean, when you see stuff like that, like from a marketing standpoint, when you build your marketing, whatever it's going to be Bet 35 Bet 50. And you get some sort of bonus or juice like, how does that work in a marketing man's mind? What what do you see to try to entice somebody to take that offer that boost or whatever?

Nick 11:59

I think it's figuring out what the players want right now people love, especially here in Arkansas, well, betting parlays right, that's the thing, right? So I think being able to give them kind of what they want, right and make them more interested in parlays we do some boosts that include parlays whether that be you know, player prop with the game, right? Especially the games that they're interested in the most and, you know, just want to kind of give back a little bit so being able to kind of give them that extra little nudge to go hey, I want to bet a couple parlays this weekend we got we got a boost for you right for a parlay that we're gonna do our own combination for our odds boosts so, you know, I love parlays right? It's like your lottery ticket. Right? You know, it's it's engaging in the sense it's not one game lesson. We all know, right? We're sports bettors sometimes, any given Sunday, especially with sports, football, right? You never know. So, to be engaged all day, through the start of the day, all the way to the end of the night or games, every single one to complete them all kind of thing and win a big payout. Nothing beats it.

Shane 12:58

So I would guess I'm just gonna guess that in the world of marketing, there's always been that one. Ooh, we've probably should have never ran that promotion, one that takes your shorts, out the door. Do you have a an interesting, like story where you had a promotion? That was the greatest idea before it actually went into effect? And like, I should never do that again?

Nick 13:17

Yeah, of course, it always happens. It's always gonna happen. Right? Those are the ones where you go and hide for it. You know, we're very, as marketers, we market ourselves, right? So when a promotion goes good, look at this, look at this. And then when it goes bad, you try to go the other way around. So we've done a lot of, you know, like those big giveaways, right, where we did like 10k, money banners, which we kind of launched here with an Arkansas right, and we gotta give out 10k No matter how much action we get, or how well we do, right, so we do bad on the tournament for March Madness, and then we're still getting out that 10k We can, you know, kind of get beat from the players and beat by ourselves, basically, by giving up that extra, you know, free play money or the 10k. So, you know, it is what it is, but someone's happy at the end of the day. Not me, but one of the players.

Mark 14:01

very true.

Shane 14:02

All right. Well, one thing that's always for sure is football is king in sports betting. So this is the greatest time of year. Seems like there's hope everywhere except the University of Nebraska, right, Mark L.

Mark 14:12

We'll get to that in a second. I'll get to that in a second. I seen that in the list.

Shane 14:16

So let's go down some list on the NCAA top 25. I'll give you what the current odds are on the overunder. We'll go around the horn and just see what everybody thinks about the game if they have any thoughts at all in these odds were taken from the Betly Arkansas app just last night, so they may have changed to half a point or one way or the other. We'll see. Number one, Georgia, they're undefeated. They're at South Carolina, Georgia. 24 and a half point favorites on the road over under a 55. Nick, you got any thoughts on the Bulldogs?

Nick 14:46

Well, the Bulldogs right. I mean, the Great. How many players in the get draft in the first round? That's right. I still think they have a lot of young kids so

Shane 14:55

they cover that's a long way mark.

Mark 14:58

Well, they cover easy They easy. Hang on a second. No wasn't stutter easy.

Shane 15:07

Well, I know the old Ball Coach Spurrier ain't there and hadn't been there in a while South Carolina probably gets punished Jeff. This is probably a 28 to 34 point weapon. All right, UConn? I guess they have a football team one and two. They're at number four, Michigan undefeated, Michigan. 47 and a half over under is 60. What do you think, Nick?

Nick 15:28

Is this a college basketball we're reading here? Yeah. It'll be a lot closer. Take Michigan. In that case,

Shane 15:33

if you're gonna lay the 48 Six Teddy's

Mark 15:36

I am too but I would you know, if you want to do the over under if you think Mason is going to get 48 you might as well go over? Do you think UConn is going to score at all?

Shane 15:47

That's what I'm saying the over under 60. I was shocked. Yeah, it's actually indicates it's going to be like, what? 55 to 10 or something like that. 55 to seven like that. So it'll be I'm staying away from it as a lot of points. Not bad. Now, Jim Harbaugh doesn't seem to pull the starters at all he'll rub it if he can score 70 Bergeron. Yeah, he'll do it. And this will be a team he could run it do so I'm just staying away. All right, here you go. Mark. I know you've been waiting all day for to the point where you go first on this one. Number six, Oklahoma undefeated at Nebraska new coach one and two. Oklahoma and 11 point favorite on the road over under 66.

Shane 15:47

Now let me tell you something. I'm watching the big 10 network as we speak right there on the board. Right, right behind Nick. There's two screens on him. He know what he should be doing as the interim head coach. He should be out in the field, not sitting behind a desk doing an interview. So because of that, I'm going Oklahoma and I think minus 11 is way too low.

Shane 16:44

What do you think it should be?

Mark 16:46

What was the last game 47 and a half? So I'm gonna say 40

Shane 16:50

not 40

Mark 16:51

I think Oklahoma beats him by 40. Wow. No, in Lincoln.

Shane 16:58


Nick 16:59

So for this one. I had a quick message come in from the high rises.

Mark 17:04

Oh nicey. Nice boy, yo, yo, here he goes.

Mark 17:07

You guys know a lots more than me so I'm going Nebraska.

Shane 17:09

So you're going Nebraska?

Nick 17:11

I'm going Nebraska.

Mark 17:13

Nebraska at minus 11?

Shane 17:14

whatever number you got that from you need to block it

Mark 17:17

fall to that is later when we get that high riser on the show

Shane 17:23

we can be like yeah, you'll be next yeah

Nick 17:28

I'm gonna roll with them. All right.

Mark 17:31

Preston was it No.

Shane 17:33

The one thing I actually like about this game is the over Nebraska don't have my defense. Oklahoma's not much better but they both got pretty decent offenses. And if I had to shoot you aside, I would say Oklahoma covers but I don't think it's 40 I think it's more like 17 ish is probably what I would be looking at if I if I was setting the line on that one.

Mark 17:53

I'm gonna need you to get your phone out and hit that alarm clock because you said Nebraska had something good

Shane 18:01

there are they've been scoring points as an offense they really

Mark 18:03

have oh yeah against Junior High teams. It's true that they lost

Shane 18:08

weight you remember Oklahoma's in big 12 Right Yeah, what do they not do in the big 12 not get beat by Nebraska. That too okay and no defense. Defense is optional in the big 12 and most choose knives away all right. All right. Yeah, way to go. Yeah. Youngstown State number nine Kentucky Kentucky a little bit of a surprise I think at this point to know their number nine in the nation Kentucky by 27 and a half over under I had to go to the win bets for both of these lines here. 53 and a half. Youngstown State Kentucky mark

Shane 18:08

I'm gonna go with Kentucky Do you think that cover I don't think it's gonna be you know, 40 to nothing, but I do think they cover

Shane 18:45

all right, Nick.

Nick 18:46

Now you're thinking I'm just going against Mark just because Wait, Youngstown,

Shane 18:52

you're gonna go young you're gonna take the points and run. All right, I like Kentucky to win but it's going to be like a 35 three thing well, I'll give Youngstown State 10 So I better go higher than that. 4210 who cover Texas State I thought that was just in the unnecessary roughness thing one on one there at number 17 Baylor who didn't look so good last week bailar minus 30 though and over under 53 Nick maybe like

Nick 19:21

you know gun to my head here. I'll take Bailey

Mark 19:24

Baylor gonna cover mock let's see I don't think they cover I think they win but I don't think they cover I'm going to Texas State even though I know they're at home with Baylor

Shane 19:34

Yeah, well home didn't treat them till last game. So Baylor I don't even know who Texas State is. So I'm gonna go Baylor. That's my default. All right. Well, if they're from Texas now, here's an interesting one. And we talked about this in the opening part of the season because these rankings are just the top 25 switches so drastically, usually the first couple of weeks till it settles out. But undefeated BYU number 12 is that number 25, Oregon, Oregon's won and won, but yet Oregon is favored by three and a half over unders 58. So the home team, even barely making the top 25 is expected to be basically a top 10. Mark. Do you think

Mark 20:15

they'll do it? No, I do not. I think Baylor continues their winning streak and go three and 0 who? BYU BYU was still stuck on the last column. Hi, Nick.

Nick 20:26

Yeah, I'm just gonna keep going against Mark here. I feel like that's a winning formula.

Shane 20:32

Yeah, I'll tell you the BYU hasn't looked really impressive on there too. And oh, so far, I was expecting better. Oregon's a tough place to play. And this is basically a primetime game out there. So I'm going to I'm going to take that hook I'm gonna go Oregon plus three and a half as well. All right. Oh, Miss to an O undefeated at Georgia Tech. One and one on the season. Ole Miss is 16 and a half favorites over under on nice, tasty 63 and a half mark.

Mark 20:58

I'm gonna go Ole Miss. Ole Miss Ole Miss to cover Ole Miss to cover for the fans locally.

Shane 21:05

All right. Do it with the heart, Nick.

Nick 21:07

You should never do with the heart. That's how you lose. That one that there? Were Yes. Right. The Cardinals crushed him, but I'll agree with you here. I'll give you one all right.

Mark 21:17

We're both gonna lose that game.

Shane 21:21

The other one? Actually, I had all this but now I'm rethinking I'll stick with Ole Miss. Just 17 gets me a cover. I think they can do that. 22 in the nation Penn State to know at Auburn they're undefeated as well Penn State though on the road a field goal favored over under for a college game not bad 47 and a half so they expect some defense here Mark would say you

Mark 21:43

Yeah, I think this is going to be a very close game. And I'm gonna have to go with the home team Auburn.

Shane 21:48

Auburn Alright, late are getting that. Yep, sure am.

Nick 21:52

I don't think it's gonna be a close game. Exactly. Obviously, you gotta run away.

Shane 21:58

Who is? Oh, no, the Nittany Lions. Oh. Oh my goodness. I'm with Mark. I take the home team and some points. I'm not sure Penn State's great either.

Mark 22:09

Speaking of playing well, what's this next one?

Shane 22:13

Oh, my goodness. Yes. What do you got here? University of Louisiana Monroe at one in one. Alabama can really schedule these nonconference games team at number two Alabama, Alabama. 49 and a half point favorite over under 61 and a half. So basically, Alabama scored every point in this game. Let's see you mark.

Mark 22:31

I think they do it. I listen. I hope they do it. Because I've been bamboozled by Alabama once already this year. I'm going to Alabama.

Shane 22:41

What's the score prediction? 50 to nothing.

Mark 22:43

Let's go. Yeah, sure. Let's go. Monroe don't score at all at all. Not even not even a lucky field goal at fourth quarter. Nothing. All right. There there Husker ask.

Nick 22:59

I did a lot of research on this one. I'm sure you did. Just because I didn't know who Monroe was but after really getting to know the team talk to the coach down there to namaste will crush them.

Shane 23:13

They should crush. I'm not I wouldn't play the game. That's a lot of points. Yeah, Nick Saban does tend to pull everybody that's the best on his team at halftime so that always leaves some stuff at the end. And that Texas thing would you be saying it if they lost the Texas last week? They should have lost the Texas this week. I know they didn't get what but would you feel is good? Yes. All right. That's how bad Monroe is alright Liberty anybody know where that is? No. New York no liberties in Virginia Statue of Liberty statue might be the same thing. But it's actually a Christian college nonprofit Christian college in Virginia. Oddly enough, I would have blown away by this basically as 100,000 students that's crazy than know that you got that many. That play football and they play football somehow and they're undefeated and they're going to Wake Forest this week for 16 and a half so for somebody liberty at a I don't know power five school and you're not even getting three touchdowns out of this over under had to go to betMGM for this 63 and a half so liberty or Wake Forest that must have this

Mark 24:25

liberty Liberty now ongoing Liberty

Nick 24:32

Nick, even though I like your analysis that you did you got to see the forest of the trees on here and take Wake Forest

Mark 24:37

so there's two to agree.

Shane 24:41

I mean, I can't but I liked how you did it Liberty Liberty Yeah, Wake Forest but I'll be honest with you that 16 and a half maybe liberty because these guys are sharp that set designs they're not going to just throw some willy nilly line out there but God dang it would be hard if I saw Liberty actually beat wake for was like another Appalachian State thing. Time to pay a little attention maybe? Yeah, but not this week. Alright. Toledo 2 and 0 at Ohio State 2 and 0 this ain't no fake. Ohio State is a 32 point favorite over under 62. So they expect evidently Toledo to score a few points. Mark, what do you think?

Mark 25:21

I think Ohio covers. I think they're gonna cover by much more than that. But I do think they cover I think like 35. Yeah. Yeah.

Nick 25:28

Nick, hate the Buckeyes. But, yeah, yeah. Yeah. You

Shane 25:32

talked about that emotion. don't bear with it. That's right. With the head, not with the bread. That's right. hyoe State I'm going to take Toledo in the points. Oh, Toledo. Actually, those teams in the Mac, for some reason can score but they can't stop anybody. So I say they probably score 21 22 24 Somewhere in that range. And I think they stay within that 32 point threshold.

Mark 25:56

I think they go over 62?

Shane 26:00

No, I think they just fall short of that. Just fall short, like 58, somewhere around there. Arkansas Pine Bluff, oddly enough to know they go to Oklahoma State. WynnBets actually had the only line I could find on this Oklahoma State. You ready for this one? Minus 57 and a half is the reason under 61. And so Arkansas Pine Bluff for being undefeated expected to score less than the field goal mark?

Mark 26:29

I don't know of Oklahoma can beat him by that many points on the state or Oklahoma State? I understand what I don't understand. And I understand.

Nick 26:38

Both teams go after Yeah.

Mark 26:41

I'm gonna go with the Pine Bluff. Not winning the game, of course, but you're giving me you give him basically 58 points. Yeah, I think Oklahoma wins, but not by 58 I don't think I don't think this is gonna be where they're gonna see if they can score 70 points. And they they're gonna get a comfortable lead. And they're gonna try the junior high crew to come out there and play.

Nick 27:02

Man, I mean, I was gonna say the same exact thing. But then Mark says it I get nervous, you know, but no, I think that's just too many points. Just wait to

Shane 27:10

the point, right? Yeah. Do you have any points I'm leaving it completely alone. I'm surprised when I saw 57 and a half. Maybe that's why only one book had a line on it. Right? Right. Real quick, Mark. Arkansas Pine Bluff and Nebraska who wins? Arkansas Pine Bluff with? And Nebraska play who wins?

Mark 27:29

It's got to actually think about I gotta think about that. It's not Nebraska. So then give me a coin. Flip it between the other two.

Shane 27:37

Missouri State now this is Bobby Petrino Believe it or not if you wonder where you went when he fell off the axe or the accident on his motorcycle and he had somebody that was not his wife on the back of it. Yes. Yeah. He ended up at Missouri State 2 and 0. Arkansas number 10 in the nation now 2 and 0 Arkansas 23 point favorites over under 59 and a half. That was a one bet sign as well. Have you gotten this one? The bears are there whooping suis?

Mark 28:05

I'm going whoopee, whoopee, whoopee are they cover Nick Super 50/50

Nick 28:12

on this one because I'm here I want to say in Arkansas but my heart's telling me Arkansas here just because I'm here right but I'm gonna say

Shane 28:24

they win but don't cover all right even do a boost on this one a whooping Suey boost

Shane 28:30

so I got this today

Nick 28:34

just so you know we always boost Arkansas want to give love to the local team so yeah, definitely a boost couple other player properties as well.

Shane 28:42

I think that this is going to be one of those games that half you're going to be sweating and then the second half the talent finally wins out I think SEC talent so Arkansas barely I think they do a 2825 but it's going to be late going there. Akron one on one in Tennessee their 15th in the nation, Tennessee 47 and a half here over under 67. So what do you got him? Ah,

Mark 29:03

I'm going to go with Tennessee to cover a lot of points. I wouldn't bet it but if I were that's how I'd play it.

Nick 29:11

Nick percent Tennessee

Shane 29:14

100%. Tennessee. He I don't know.

Mark 29:18

He apparently isn't going that way.

Shane 29:21

What I would do if I was actually going to do this is I would try to tease it an extra half a point to go to 48 Give me that little cover for the six studies. But yeah, I would I would probably take Tennessee but I would not like it. I just don't know Akron has enough offense to stay close but 47 is a lot man. You just don't know when a team is going to quit or give up like alright, we beat you enough down we're gonna put in the third stringers. The guys that still have a red shirt eligibility we'll get your one game in here. Before we hang up your jersey. I just those big lines. It just crazy to try to go after Texas Tech to one Oh, North Carolina State number 16 in the nation to know, North Carolina State 10 point favorites at home over under 56. Mark.

Mark 30:06

I'm gonna go with North Carolina.

Shane 30:09

Okay, cover Carolina cover. Absolutely, Nick.

Nick 30:12

Yeah, North Carolina. The jerseys look nice.

Shane 30:16

All right. Well, that was just breaking news jerseys are nice in North Carolina.

Nick 30:23

A great bloom and I think it's you know, all right.

Shane 30:25

I'm with you. I think North Carolina State just as a hair better enough at home anyway. Michigan State. Here's another weird one there 11th in the country 2 and 0 at Washington, Washington's favored, and they're unranked and they're favored by a field goal over under 56 and a half mark,

Mark 30:43

I'm gonna go with Michigan State. Give me those three points. I think they went out right.

Nick 30:50

Sometimes they get it wrong. And I think they got it wrong right here at Michigan State.

Shane 30:54

All right. All right. So I am I'm only gonna take half of his credit here. Remember, last week, Wisconsin, and Washington State came in there. You impressed and said all Wisconsin all day? Nope. I don't remember that. Yeah. And I know I didn't call the Washington State. I

Nick 31:09

don't want to bring the tape back. Yeah.

Shane 31:12

I didn't take Washington state money line. But I said they're playing a big boy from a bigger conference. Now at home in Wisconsin. Don't blow out anybody. Normally Michigan State doesn't really blow out anybody. So I like Washington at home getting points. And I think they went out right actually, I think Michigan State's gonna find out. We'll see. So I'm taking

Mark 31:32

the story short, Washington. Oh, you're given a point. You're not getting points with watch. Yeah, I'm

Shane 31:36

giving it Okay. Yep. At home. I think so. South Florida, one and one at 18. Florida. told you they were ranked too high last week, Florida though. And this one minus 24 and over under 60. Now, Mark,

Mark 31:50

that's to me. This is a coin flip. Just to win the game outright, let alone given up those points. So I'm gonna go with South Florida not winning the game, but you're giving me that 20 plus 24. I'll take it.

Shane 32:01

Okay. Nick. bounce back. Florida. Florida. Yeah, I think so. South Florida. Not good. No. Yeah, Central Florida one you got to worry about but South Florida not so much. So I think Florida comes in the swamp. They get 28 20 31 points. I think they they beat him by

Nick 32:19

my click South Florida. You know, that's gonna count for something. Right? It's like two points right there. Yeah.

Shane 32:22

It's like two we'll give them we'll give him 26 All right, Pittsburgh, one and one. They're 23 After losing the Tennessee last week at home. They're at Western Michigan, which is one and one as well. Pittsburgh is only 10 Point favored on the road. Over Under 47 and a half. Let's see you Mark.

Mark 32:40

think they cover I think Pittsburgh covers I'll go with Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh area you notice when Steelers right Panthers. I wouldn't be putting well I'm not gonna say what I'm picking.

Shane 32:49

All right. What do you got Nick? All the way to the game. Trap game. Give me Western Michigan in the points. This isn't this isn't the club. Yeah, trap game. Western Michigan can score a little bit and that was the problem with Tennessee last week. Now I don't know that Western Michigan is going to win the game outright but I think they give them everything they want and more. Louisiana Tech one on one at number five Clemson which nobody wants to give Clemson credit here but they're favored by 33 with an over under a 54 they're at home mark against Louisiana Tech. Are

Mark 33:23

you like Clemson wins easy? He's a record three No, they cover

Shane 33:28

Nick super easy. Super easy. So easy. Kyle could win betting it. Yes. Oh, take the points. Or give the points I mean, Clemson should win this one going away. UT San Antonio Preston's brand new number one team The Road Runners are at number 21 Texas probably still hurting real bad they should have won against Alabama last week. However Texas in this case is only 12 and a half point favorites over under a 59 and a half mark you give the UTSA crew any credit

Mark 33:58

I think No I think Texas wins. I think they went by quite a bit they have a statement to prove and follow short just to Alabama those winning

Nick 34:08

yeah this is like a locker lock Texas yeah

Shane 34:13

all right.

Nick 34:13

Yeah that upset you're so close to winning and you miss and yeah, it's just poured it on the field you almost take glory but missed the by that much it's gonna be hard to get back up to that level in this game.

Shane 34:24

I wish they had who was the quarterback and he wasn't hurt. This freshman guy did okay. But yeah 12 and a half hope they went by 14 at least. But I like 12 and a half if it'd been about two touchdowns I might have changed my mind 13 Miami though you at two and oh go to goes to how about at Texas a&m their 24th in the nation and they got beat last week by Appalachian State. Like in their own crib. They got to be mad. However, a&m still favored by six in this case. 44 and a half is the overunder though so Oh, they're given. It's rare you ever see a college game that low and the over under they're expecting a low scoring game mark what he

Mark 35:06

got going you're gonna give me those plus six is I'm going to Miami you

Shane 35:10

all right you're taking Miami new points. Yep. Human. Do you not a South Florida bias at all I can see.

Nick 35:17

I don't I get in trouble.

Shane 35:20

a&m I'm going to I'm going to take the points. Some was going on in College Station some smelling down there. That's not quite right. That Appalachian State thing I think just knocked them out. But we'll see. I'll take the six though because I think Miami's got a pretty decent team this year. We'll find out because I haven't played anybody yet. San Diego state one and one at number 14, Utah, Utah is favored by three touchdowns. That's 21 points. 48 and a half over under mark.

Mark 35:49

Gosh. You know what, I'll take the politic given me the points that I'll take San Diego State Give me 21

Shane 35:55

Give you 21 And yeah, yep. All right. What do you think, Nick? Utah, Utah. I like Utah as well. I do at home. I'm not sure San Diego State got anything? No. Plus, I'm still mad about the time it took them week one. All right, Fresno State one. Don't bet with your head. Yeah. How about what's your emotion? Number seven USC 2 and 0 USC is only favored by 11 and a half, which I find just absolutely strange here over under those 74. So they're expecting this game. If you're doing the math here and say 74 is the number that means UCLA is scoring. What 63 points. something crazy like that. And the other team is scoring. No, that's 63 I got that backwards.

Nick 36:45

I'm not good at math either. Don't

Shane 36:46

Yeah, nevermind. I'll turn to this guy who you like yeah, that's

Mark 36:49

right. Let's get with it. I'm going with a USC easily. Yeah.

Shane 36:54

Easily wins. He says, Nick Yep. USC USC that should be probably 21 or 31 I don't get why it's 11 and a half. I went the look real quick to see if Andrew Luck had a year of eligibility and transferred back to Fresno not happening

Mark 37:09

maybe they're getting a new Nebraska coach that just got fired No no no not yet. Nobody named Manning

Shane 37:14

on the back Jersey quarterback and

Nick 37:15

I think the Colts are trying to get Andrew Luck back so they are

Shane 37:21

all right Other notable games real quick California to know and Notre Dame Owen to Notre Dame got upset at home against Marshall but Notre Dame here still favored they got believers minus 11 over under the 40 and a half 40 and a half

Mark 37:36

I'd go with the if it was me I go with Notre Dame they pick up the first one and I'm gonna go over

Shane 37:42

Yeah, go ahead Nick.

Nick 37:44

Got the Irish he's gonna one night Irish. I will be for this game.

Shane 37:47

No, you don't say night. kinda look at i i like the overall day on this one. I'm not so sure about the 11 I don't I don't know what Notre Dame is. They play Ohio State really well. And then at home martial on the state become a world beater which I don't see. I could see and I could see a world where Notre Dame trips these guys 35 to seven, but I also see 35 to seven California. It could go either just give me over Mississippi State at LSU. Mississippi State which I gave no credit to. When we did our picks for the win team our totals for the SEC teams. Their favorite two and a half over under 53 and a half Martin

Mark 38:29

This is a tough game. I'm anxious to see how much gets played on this game locally here. Well, I'm gonna go we're gonna go with Mississippi State.

Shane 38:38

All right, Lane points Mississippi State on the road. It's not

Nick 38:41

tough Mississippi State.

Shane 38:45

I think it's tough. I still can't admit that. I might be wrong in Mississippi State. So I'm going LSU if you give me points at home with LSU I'll take it just about every time unless your name is Alabama then I'm gonna go the other way. All right. Local game of interest Arkansas State which hung tougher with Ohio State for a good portion of the game last week. took their 1.2 million went home now they're at Memphis shorter drive. Memphis also one and one. Memphis is 14 and a half point favorites though. And over under 64 and a half mark.

Mark 39:14

Well, I know what the locals are gonna bet they're gonna bet with their heart. Yep, that's gonna pump be deep. But I'm going Arkansas State.

Shane 39:22

Oh, take an object.

Mark 39:24

Give me the 15 points. All right.

Nick 39:26

What's your what bothers me? I'm just gonna go Memphis scallions mark here.

Mark 39:32

Wow. All right.

Nick 39:33

That's the safest.

Shane 39:35

Yeah, I would I would like to do. But I'll I'll take the two and a half. I'll take 14 and a half. Basically, just I'll take Arkansas State.

Mark 39:44

I didn't know where two and a half came from like, Wait

Shane 39:46

a minute. I was gonna say two and a half touchdowns. You get like, Wait a minute.

Mark 39:49

Do that. Yeah, you're gonna have tests and Pa.

Shane 39:53

All right. That is your picks for the NCAA and some analysis there. Now we go on to the big portion of our show. But it's real right now.

Mark 40:01

It's real. Yeah, you take the shades shades are off.

Shane 40:04

We don't want to hear. Oh, I picked the wrong team because there was glare

Mark 40:07

stuff. Yeah, see the glare off of Mark's head. I couldn't see it. Alright,

Shane 40:11

so we started last week, the average Joe's and versus the pros. And that was Preston last week being the average Joe and Mark's got the telly from what happened last week, we each pick six games against the spread of the NFL, and that was on Sunday games only. That's right, how'd that come out?

Mark 40:28

So for the average Joe's Preston scored three points for the Average Joe so that tally would continue on throughout the season. So they're currently sitting at three points. He did win against me. So he gets his I'm trying 25 Yeah, I was too. I keep pinching myself thinking it was a dream. But he did not beat Shane. So he only would receive that $25 gift card. So or food comp. Sorry. So, the myself I'm at two points. And Shane is at four points. Of course, they have to give us and now Nick, you will be the first person to possibly put points on the board for the high risers it's gonna happen. Alright, so

Shane 41:11

here's how this game will work. I got everybody's got the same point spread. You pick your six teams, one of them's a lock or your best bet. You'll get double points for that. If it wins, everybody you get right is worth one outside of your lock. So that's how Preston got three points last week. He got his lock and one other game. Because somebody film with us. Yeah. So come out and let us know. Now since you're the guest and the high risers, you get to choose whether you want to go first, second, or third.

Nick 41:41

Let's go second. Second. All right, it's got to go first, just so I can.

Shane 41:45

Mark's gonna go first,

Mark 41:46

and they get to dictate who goes first. All right, well, here comes the hot

Nick 41:52

rods. You guys to throw in the highway. That's what I say.

Mark 41:55

Alright, so for my pick six. You want to write this down? Because I know you'd like to tell you that. Yes. Here we go. Even though that Kyle will have everything here for us to look at later. Now go with the Baltimore Ravens minus three and a half over the dolphins. Wow. Okay. And then I'm going to Seahawks give me eight and a half plus eight and a half over the 40. Niners. Okay. I'm taking the New Orleans Saints plus two and a half over Tampa. That's right. I gotcha. I didn't know if you were passing out on me over there. I'll take the Giants minus two over the Panthers. It's in the lesson. All right. I'm gonna learn that this is gonna be a perfect pick right here. What do I get if it's a perfect pick? Right. Let's think about that.

Shane 42:41

Yeah, probably an investigation you have.

Mark 42:45

I'm taking the Pittsburgh Steelers plus two over the Patriots. Okay. And then I'm going to Atlanta Falcons. Plus 10. That's the 10. That frightens me. They're not going to win the game. Okay. Over the Rams.

Shane 42:58

All right. Would you like to reveal your best bet? Sure.

Mark 43:01

My best bet is going to be that ravens game minus three and a half over the Miami Dolphins.

Shane 43:05

All right. So he's got the Ravens as his best bet of the week. Yellow followed. Seahawks, saints, giants, dealers and Falcons. All right, now we go to the high risers with no glasses, so we can see.

Nick 43:19

So first game I'm gonna pick here I'm gonna take the Washington commanders my call these days, right? Cuz this is like their first game in 24 games. They've been the favorites. Yeah, so

Shane 43:30

you don't think they're ready for that? Definitely. Definitely not. All right. So big. Plus one and a half.

Nick 43:37

This is the only one I'm gonna copy mark on. I had at first I did circle first New York Giants.

Shane 43:42

Oh, okay. Given points. I can't tell you last time that happened either. All right, go ahead.

Nick 43:49

I'm gonna go against Mark here. San Francisco 49ers.

Shane 43:55

you think the trade lands thing finally breaks through? Minus 10? Yes, somebody? All right. So you got the oh, that's eight and a half isn't it? Yeah. minus eight and a half. All right.

Nick 44:09

Got the raid as the Raiders Raiders gets the Cardinals which I think is just gonna be a dumpster fire this year. I don't know. Maybe we need to put that clause in contract for Kyler Murray to do a little more. You know, film study film study, because

Shane 44:25

all right, they got minus five and a half. All right. That's for what's your VIP.

Nick 44:30

Next one. I'm gonna take probably the best team in league right now. Some people at home will like this the Buffalo Bills. I think they're on Oh, they're just gonna

Shane 44:40

just dump truck, Tennessee. Yeah. All right.

Nick 44:43

I'll take even more than I think so. And then you know, I know I said this whole episode pretty much don't go with the heart. Oh,

Shane 44:51

I got I think I know where this is. I bleed a certain

Nick 44:54

way I certain color I would say and it's green. And I'm gonna have to go with fly Eagles fly. Okay, E A g l e s eagles. I gotta do it so

Mark 45:05

beautiful you couldn't time that better.

Nick 45:07

Especially now that I think we don't have any competitor in the division you know? Yeah. We had a competitor before the season started I wasn't even born last time the cowboys were good you know, I really wasn't even alive. I was alive. The last time the cowboys and eagles you know, Super Bowl in '17 I don't know if you guys were there saw that but I did.

Shane 45:28

I was so happy for you guys. 70 years and one trophy

Nick 45:34

It's what you've done lately, right? Yeah.

Shane 45:36

If if lately was six years ago, yeah, boys.

Nick 45:39

We've been cut a long time ago. First cut. So that's how it works.

Shane 45:42

I like it when lately was six years ago. All right. So out of those six who is your best bet. This one

Mark 45:50

was much trash was just talking. I'm gonna guess. Billy Yeah, why not? No.

Shane 45:55

Groups. Come on, big boy.

Nick 45:57

I'm gonna go with that. That commanders pick. Because my commodes yeah

Shane 46:08

I know you got the biggest set I've ever seen. If you're gonna take the commander's as your locker and count on Schneider and his god awful team to pull it out for you. I know it's against Detroit. Oh, but good gravy. All right commanders that it could have all the stars could be aligned I guess. All right. Commanders is your lock you guys lack thereof stars and that there you go. Giants minus two. You took San Francisco yet the Raiders bills and the Eagles. Alright, is your six. So I guess that leaves me

Mark 46:40

huh? That leaves you. Alright. Let's see what you got here.

Shane 46:43

I mean, this first pick is equally just like I'm throwing a dart. I feel like it's good. But anytime I take a team that has Jacoby percent as their starter, I gotta sweat it. I got to do it. I gotta, I gotta do a pA minus six and a half. Take Cleveland. Why? Because the Jets are coming in and you want to talk about just a team that can't score other than the Cowboys? Je TG T EDS. No defense, defense, defense.

Nick 47:11

I mean, listen, I'm no fan of the commander's either. But talk about bad organizations and you're gonna you're gonna pick Cleveland, right?

Shane 47:19

Well, yes. Hey, wait a minute. What did you say earlier? You said, Hey, don't bet with your high GPA. Well, I hope

Shane 47:29

your head yeah.

Shane 47:30

My head says the Jets suck so bad. I'll take Cleveland. Actually, I was shocked Cleveland beat Carolina last week. But since they did Jets should be easier. Pittsburgh Steelers. I have no idea what people are looking at. I guess they're still waiting three years after Brady left for New England to be any good. And I know they got Mitch Trubisky but if you get me Steelers at home with points, I'm going to take it just about every time so give me Pittsburgh plus two. Hey, we agree there. Take Miami

Nick 47:58

just start waving around.

Shane 48:00

Yeah, terrible. Tell ya. I'll wave it around. All right. I got some uses for that terrible tell. Miami Dolphins. I just liked that hook that three and a half. It's a nice AFC tilt there. I think Miami's got a little something going on, especially on both sides of ball defense offense. They got a lot of skill players now. And I'm still not 100% convinced outside of Lamar Jackson. They got anybody and Mark Andrews. Out of those two, where's the rest of their offense coming from? It's like running back out of the vending machine. Just put $1 in and who pops out? Oh, this week. It's Kenyan Drake.

Nick 48:35

I'd rather have the cheap vending machine running back then. Some old Zeke Elliott that you know, can't move anymore. I'll take it off the contract for you. Whatever you want, but the vending machine. Oh,

Shane 48:50

my goodness. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, I know. There's something in the water in Philly. Denver. I think Denver's mad. They left 14 points on the board last week by fumbling twice into the endzone with the Texans coming into town. I think they get right in in a hurry. I think they just run and dump truck all over. The Texans lay the 10 they probably wouldn't by 17 or more. Minnesota. Guess what I'm doing? Yeah. And you know what? Kirk Cousins. I know better. Now I'm gonna do it anyway. Because I think you guys gonna have problems with Justin Jefferson all day. Yeah, it's gonna be a good game. I'm not calling a wipeout on either side of Philly wins. I'm not shocked but I'm gonna go ahead and take two points with Minnesota. I think it's a little bit of a different year for Minnesota. I think they're actually going to win the NFC North this year. Most complete team that's the only reason why or the other three teams are either dumpster fires are about to be one so and then my lock my last pick, I saved it the last New Orleans two and a half getting that at home. They beaten the Tampa Bay Bucs what four straight times you their crib at Tampa Bay's crib. They just beat him anywhere they play him and I don't get how that's going to change because the see Mike Evans has a calf issue. Julio like he does every other week tightens His hammy after he plays so he hasn't practice. Godwin's probably going to be out Russell gages came back to practice like who's the throne it to other than Leonard for net

Nick 50:21

Did Tom Brady retire again. I'm confused.

Shane 50:23

He didn't but he's coming close. Like the last week Hey, what he only could get one touchdown against my cowboys. Really. Only one guy felt they didn't listen,

Nick 50:33

these guys came. They're gonna bring the backup in a while but

Shane 50:39

they did not. I don't think they punted once less said or Sunday. Correct me if I'm wrong, if you think of it. I don't remember a punt from Tampa Bay. I remember five or six trips inside the 30. And they come away with one touchdown and four field goals. I don't know. And that's that's the goat right now.

Nick 50:56

Yes, yeah. Okay.

Nick 50:57

I mean, listen, how many years have we said, This is it? He's done? He's done. A bad game. Boom. Right back.

Mark 51:03

I mean, he didn't take the

Nick 51:05

saints against any team.

Shane 51:06

Well, you do know his record since joining Tampa Bay against saints, don't you? Yeah, but

Nick 51:11

Oh, Jameis Winston. Oh, Amos Winston was Seamus Smith. I still trust him. I know everyone loves him. But

Shane 51:20

well, I don't I can't remember when Jameis got hurt. But I do know one thing for sure. Drew Brees didn't play last year and they beat him twice. I think once Taysom Hill.

Mark 51:30

Well, that's what they played on the field for right Tampa Bay. We'll put it on the field. See what happens.

Shane 51:36

All right. That's your pick six everybody. Hope you have some fun. Remember, you can bet all these games. A myriad of ways you can come to our retail counters here at Southland casino and hotel. We got extended hours on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. We opened at nine to get all your bets in before those 11am Noon kickoffs. And we stay open to the last game gets played basically. Yeah, that's right. That's right kiosk or 24/7. And always, you want to go mobile, that's 24 as well. So download the Betly Arkansas app, the Betly Tennessee app, go ahead and open your account get advantage of that $250 RISK FREE first bet, absolutely sell some action in against the Eagles. And then if I'm wrong, you still get it back. That's the best part. You can be happy.

Mark 52:22

That's an excellent opportunity.

Shane 52:24

Yes, you got anything else going on here?

Mark 52:27

I do not see any promotions coming

Shane 52:29

down the line that you want to tell us about within Betley. So yeah,

Nick 52:32

we're always doing odds boost and profit boosts all the time. Just get a little bit of extra money, some good bets. You know, we're also going to start doing some bigger boosts for college as well. So on Saturdays, we're gonna start having really high percentage boosts live betting and then on top of that, we're gonna start having some more bets on Thursday night football, so keep an eye out for next Thursday night. I know it was great game last night but yeah, next Thursday night we got some great promos. Definitely check it out.

Shane 52:57

Alright, so just if you're on the app, there's a promotions tab right you can check out all the things going on and opt in take advantage of those things and why not? It's basically Nick giving you free money, your pocket to be aware. Just be aware of that a boost on Nebraska though that's a trick

Mark 53:13

that trick play. That's a perfect that's a perfect boost. It's called Nick's pocket boost.

Shane 53:20

All right, we'd like to thank you for being a contestant in good sport today and join the Odds Brothers.

Nick 53:27

Anytime I appreciate guys inviting me from the high rises I'll come back anytime for you guys.

Mark 53:32

All right, sweet.

Shane 53:33

evidently with a security detail. The President is on the move.

Nick 53:38

Word. No, no, the Cowboys are that dead? Man. All right,

Shane 53:43

everybody keep in mind we do this fun show every Monday and Friday. If you want to see it live just come to the Betly sportsbook inside Southland Casino Hotel. We'll see you on Monday for the recap see how everybody did? And hopefully well we won't know by then. Dang it some Monday night games. I won't be able to tell if I can make fun of the Eagles or not. But that giants pick I sure damn well know. I'm going to have an opportunity there. All right. Yeah. Danny dimes. Good call. You want to take us out?

Mark 54:11

Yeah, well take us out you're ready. We're

Shane 54:12

ready. See y'all later folks.

Betly 54:24

Thank you for listening to the Odds Brothers podcast. Presented by the Betly Sportsbook. Place your sports bets here from inside Southland Casino or from anywhere in Arkansas at Southland.betly.com. Ah man I'll tell ya what that dang old internet mang going on there pointin' click click click click click click click click it's real easy mang. Be sure to follow the Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google and coming soon to YouTube. Keep in mind in Arkansas you must be 21 or older and located in Arkansas to bet please play responsibly for help putting call 1-800-522-4700.