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September 9th, 2022

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The Odds Brothers Podcast | Episode 13

The Odd$ Brother$ welcome back Parlay Preston as they all discuss Top 25 college football action and recap the opening game of the NFL season.

This show also debuts the “Pick 6” contest where the “Pro’s” (Money Line Mark and Point Spread Shane) take on the “Average Joe’s” (Parlay Preston) and pick their favorite six games of the NFL week 1 Sunday games.


Betly 0:14

Welcome to the Odds Brothers Podcast coming to you from the Betly Sportsbook inside the new Southland Casino and Hotel, follow Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google coming soon to YouTube. Today's show is presented by Betly online sportsbook. Download the Betly online state specific sportsbook app today from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Now here are the hosts of the show. Moneyline mark. (I'm not a smart man) and Point Spread Shane.

Shane 0:57

Welcome everybody, Odds Brothers Podcast episode 13. If everything went well, you're finally seeing the ugly mugs on TV.

Preston 1:08

Or radio?

Shane 1:10

Yes, especially this one. There you go. That's the guy that wanted to try to claim he was a pro. That's right. That's not how he's proven that he's the average Joe.

Preston 1:21

I'm not even average. I don't think.

Shane 1:23

Well, hey, remember you said that? Not me this time.

Preston 1:26

Right? I was just beating you to the punch.

Shane 1:30

All right. Then there's Money Line Mark.

Mark 1:33


Shane 1:34

And then there's everybody. Yeah. Everybody on YouTube? Yeah. All right, like we do every single week. We tried to invite you all to download the Betly app now in a couple of different states, three of them to be exact. What was Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas. That's right. And Mark, especially Tennessee and Arkansas, we got a little bit of a promotion going on just for signing up for the app. Go ahead for the 13th time, let us know what it is.

Mark 1:57

That's right. It's the - Get your $250 first bet, wager back if you're a loser. So you got to bet $10. And the odds must be minus 250 or greater. And you must lose your bet. Now, there's a secret to this. Oh, do tell Oh, there's a secret. We've lived out a couple of times. But all all six listeners have found out but now we can bring it to YouTube. to YouTube to YouTube. That's right. You can bet that 250 here in Arkansas, you can bet that 250 Over there in Tennessee. So if you just hop skip and jump one side of the river or the other, you can do it in both states.

Preston 2:36

Right. We had a camera outside, we could show him how close it is.

Mark 2:39

That's right, because you can almost touch it.

Shane 2:42

coming soon. I don't know how soon. We'll get it in here. So there you go in Tennessee, Arkansas 250. For your first risk free wager, I guess good time to do it. You can do it on both sides of the aisle, you got to set up two different accounts for now though. It's not the same account. And then if you win, then great. You get to keep the winnings if not, you get a first bet equal to the amount you lost on the first one, right? That's right. So I imagine you have like seven days or something like that, to get that in. So make sure you read all the fine print as they say

Mark 3:13

that's right. Make sure make all the minimum requirements to make that first wager if you're a loser.

Preston 3:19

I wish I could take advantage because I've been a loser a lot lately.

Mark 3:24

We'll let you know about that later on.

Shane 3:25

How old are you?

Preston 3:28

not old enough.

Shane 3:30

I was trying to set him up for a good one there. Yeah, he went ahead and dodged that like The Matrix.

Preston 3:34

That's right.

Mark 3:34

Oh, that's awesome.

Shane 3:35

All right. So we're gonna talk some NCAA top 25 action, we're gonna go through the top 25. Real quick in just a few minutes. We'll give you our initial thoughts on which side we would go if we have any. And then of course, the the key today is, well, we had NFL kickoff last night.

Preston 3:52

We'll was one team one team kicked off last night.

Shane 3:55

Well, yeah, both - teams actually kicked off to begin the game and then only one team kicked off the second half.

Preston 4:01

That's right. Okay.

Mark 4:01

That's right. Yeah. So it was good in the first quarter.

Preston 4:04

Actually, first half was good. Yeah, that was good.

Shane 4:07

Now, the interesting thing for me was the I was a little shocked by what was their eight, seven or eight total turnovers between the two teams.

Preston 4:15

There were a lot in there. I know that Buffalo had four themselves, I believe.

Shane 4:15

Yeah, it was crazy.

Preston 4:15

They were fine but had five picks.

Preston 4:23

Yeah, a couple fumbles.

Shane 4:24

Now, you know, a couple of those tip passes in the air and yeah, I mean, it was kind of weird. Now you expect the offense is to be a little rusty in the first game, but I wasn't expecting eight turnovers and realistically the way the game played out if the Rams didn't get like four or five, whatever it ended being those turnovers that could have been a stomping right. I mean, 21 points they got beat by.

Preston 4:46

I think most people were on the over as well which didn't come anywhere close.

Mark 4:48

Not even there were a lot of people over here at the retail.

Shane 4:52

Let me tell you people were sweating it because toward the end there I thought maybe Buffalo is going to you know, get that obligatory touchdown and then it gets really interesting for the last four minutes of the game plus right yeah, but I initially wanted Buffalo minus two and a half and I was taking the under but I was not real sure on Buffalo it's hard to beat a defending Super Bowl champ at home during ring ceremony day. So anyway, there's that game but NFL kickoff in earnest this Sunday and we have a new game the $5 $5 Parlay went out the door (BYE!) thank goodness.

Preston 5:24

Yes, right. Minus you didn't win anything with it anyway.

Mark 5:26

Yeah, that's right.

Shane 5:29

And we're gonna replace it with the pick six. And we'll talk about the rules for that but it's all NFL action. Keep in mind if you're around the retail sportsbook. We have like expanded hours now during the NFL season, don't we? Mark?

Mark 5:41

That's right. We're open until that final enough. NFL game is over and settled.

Shane 5:47

Yeah, and open like at 9am on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Get all your college and pro action in. Kiosks 24/7.

Mark 5:53

That's right. So if you don't want to wait in line, then I suggest get here before 11:45 on those noon games.

Shane 5:59

Yeah, please, don't try to get that 10 Team partly at 11:58.

Mark 6:03

Not gonna make it.

Shane 6:04

It's probably not going to get in now. Another reason you could get the mobile app because you might get it in if you're fast enough. You can and if not, there's always in-play.

Mark 6:13

That's true. That's very true. And we do offer it in gameplay here at the retail side of the counter.

Shane 6:19

All right. Oh, before we get to all that football action there's a there's a pretty good part of the show that's been hanging out now for a while. And now Marcellus is back for this so...

Mark 6:29

Hell Yeah! I know you're happy. They don't know what this go ahead tell us what we're going to do because I'm just so giddy.

Shane 6:36

I know you're so giddy.

Mark 6:37

I'm giddy I'm giddy on both of em'!

Shane 6:39

Every time we do sweet treats and bad beats. Keep in mind sweet treat somebody hit a nice nice parlay usually or a nice big bet that came through in the bed beat was oh man. You were so close and just missed one off, so let's get to Well, here we go.

Shane 6:42

Hit the button. You gotta know.

Preston 6:59

He's Making you wait.

Mark 7:00

There we go!

Betly 7:02

It is downtime for money line. Mark did dig deeper into his brain. That's literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And you sweet sweet treats. Ding ding ding what do we have for her Johnny! And bad beats. We'll that didn't pan out. In the world of sportsbetting.

Mark 7:20

I'm gonna try to hide this from you. So you can't see.

Shane 7:23

Oh yeah, I'm suppose to guess I'll look over here.

Mark 7:26

I mean, no cheating. No. Peaksies.

Shane 7:29

All right. I'll stare off into the distance.

Mark 7:31

Stare off. So the sweet treats this week. Isn't because when have you got hammered? Because Preston is looking over here like what are you going to beat me up on this time?

Preston 7:40

It wasn't as bad this week as it was last week so.

Mark 7:42

That's right. Now this one actually happened here of a sports book guests at the retail. Bet $100 on a seven team parlay. And as these games happen on 9/2 the ticket had Duke Blue Devils pointspread Minus nine at minus 110 Clemson. pointspread minus 23 at minus 110. Alabama pointspread minus 41 and a half at minus 110. The Kentucky Wildcats pointspread minus 16 and minus 110 USC pointspread minus 32. At minus 110. The Boston Red Sox run line at minus one and a half at plus 105 Somehow they want for this guy. Because I'd never want anytime we pick them right?

Preston 8:31

It's true.

Mark 8:32

And then you got the St. Louis Cardinals run line at minus one and a half at minus 110 so.

Shane 8:38

What was the base bet again?

Mark 8:39

100 dollars...Now we're gonna do our little game of Bob Barker Showcase Showdown.

Shane 8:46

Yeah, since we got a third guy here. I guess I'll go against Preston on this one.

Mark 8:50

Okay, good. This is good.

Shane 8:52

Let's see $100 10 team no real heavy favorites or long shots here. Let's do 5800.

Mark 9:04

He says!

Preston 9:05

I think you're a little low because of that. Plus 105 I'm gonna go 8200.

Shane 9:12

Oh, 8200 Hangouts. Okay.

Mark 9:15

8200 Not closest person. The total ticket? Yes. winnings. $9,924.

Preston 9:22

You was up there that 105 had to push it up.

Shane 9:26

It had to here we go.

Preston 9:30

Show me the money.

Shane 9:31

He did, here's close enough. You get a second one.

Mark 9:34

That's right.

Shane 9:35

We'll usually do one of those for every five grand. I guess we'll round up.

Mark 9:38

That's right. Good enough. Yeah, that's good enough. And that might be only Preston's only win. All right.

Preston 9:45

Oh, I was waiting on him to come in.

Shane 9:47

Oh, he's a fabulous guy to know exactly where he could have won like I should have known he would have blasted on that. I usually usually I go way over and then I'm going way under I just can't get these things.

Mark 10:01

No, they're difficult but it makes it fun.

Shane 10:03

All right so now for the bed beat.

Mark 10:05

The bad beats.

Preston 10:06

Keep me out of this.

Mark 10:08

Well, I don't remember. I don't remember what you picks were last week.

Shane 10:11


Mark 10:12

But anybody? Anybody who bet LSU last week that's your bad beat. Anybody who bet LSU because they got beat. They lost Florida State 24 to 23.

Preston 10:23

He did put me in a bad beat. I knew it was coming.

Mark 10:25

That's right. There's a lot of folks that lost that

Shane 10:29

Yeah. Jacob Jason even if they didn't bet at this for you. What an interesting game because I was needing to go to bed. And then I saw an LSU muffed that punt. Florida State get on it look like they were going for a touchdown. Next thing you know the ball skirt squirts out. All right, I'll hang out Wait, I'll see if they do anything. They go right down LSU score that Teddy. Extra point I'm thinking this is not your NFL Extra Point. This is your whatever 10 yard field goal extra point.

Preston 11:00

This is one the Shane could hit out back!

Shane 11:02

I could barely but I could and then it's blocked and womp womp womp womp all the way home. I did not expect the game to happen that way. How can you get so high that a tie it you have to walk out the door their home? So LSU you're the bad beat today. And anybody that might have played them. Right?

Preston 11:24


Shane 11:25

They were points, right? Were they giving points at all?

Preston 11:27

They were minus three.

Shane 11:28

Yes. Something like that.

Mark 11:29

Yep. All right. They didn't even win. People had been their parlays people had em' straight up there a lot. There was a lot of money put on LSU.

Preston 11:37

People had them in their fake pick six I mean.

Mark 11:40

That's right!

Shane 11:40

They're fake. Our preseason, it wasn't pretty. Preseason. Yeah. All right. Here we go. We're speaking of the college game. Let's go through Preston's got all the top 25 action what he's gonna to do is gonna rock up through each line real quick on the top 25 teams. And we each three seconds, five words whatever. Who you would take if you got just the leaning? These are not official picks but if you feel good about it, you can say I really liked this and we can make it a side pick. That ain't gonna count anything except for being excited.

Preston 12:12


Mark 12:13

Yeah, all my side picks one okay.

Preston 12:15

All your side picks won?

Mark 12:16

All my side picks one Yeah.

Shane 12:17

All right. All right, Preston. What's first game on the schedule?

Preston 12:21

Oh, first game on the schedule is the first team in the country Alabama versus Texas. Bama minus 20.

Shane 12:28

Minus 20 and it's at Texas.

Preston 12:30

It is at Texas.

Shane 12:32

Woo alright initial thought is if Texas all the players they bought I mean got an NFL deal. Oh this year. You think they would have the talent to keep it closer than three touchdowns and maybe not win but do they have the experience yet? from Alabama but my initial leaning is This is Texas is a pretty decent college program to just get their doors blown off. But I think Alabama wins by 22 to 27 points.

Mark 13:01

That was way more than five words.

Preston 13:03

That's okay.

Mark 13:04

I''ll sum it for ya.

Shane 13:05

Go ahead and do it Mark.

Mark 13:06

Bama covers.

Shane 13:09

What you got Preston?

Preston 13:10

I've got on mine as like Bama wins this one easy. I think after the game Texas decides not to join the SEC.

Mark 13:16


Shane 13:18

What's the next game on the schedule?

Preston 13:20

Next one down. We've got Arkansas State at Ohio State. Ohio State and minus 44 and a half.

Mark 13:27

44 and a half. Okay.

Shane 13:30

Asswhoopin' Arizona state comes back for probably letting 60 or more scored Mark.

Preston 13:35

Arkansas State. Not Arizona I don't want you gettin' it wrong.

Shane 13:38

Okay. Arkansas State, Alabama State or almost any "A" state. You lose to Ohio State but yeah, I'm sorry. Arkansas State. You're right. That's Arkansas State gets hammered.

Mark 13:47

Well, I think I think Arkansas state loses but I think Arkansas State wins but does not cover.

Preston 13:53

I see I'm with Mark on this one.

Mark 13:54


Preston 13:55

I was like, my initial light right here is I take Arkansas State with the points they can score and I think they keep it closer than 45.

Mark 14:02

Yeah, you're right.

Shane 14:03

You're looking at we don't do drug testing on the show. Alright. What's the next one press?

Preston 14:08

Next one is Southern Miss at Miami. Whoo. Miami's favorite buy 25

Mark 14:14


Shane 14:14

25. They didn't look all that good to me early against Bethune Cookman, aint that who they played the Fighting Chefs.

Preston 14:25

I think they were I think they were late at one point, Bethune Cookman.

Shane 14:28

The line again.

Preston 14:30

It's 25

Shane 14:31

Barely cover.

Mark 14:33

I think they cover.

Preston 14:34

I think they cover as well. Yes. Southern Miss is not very good.

Shane 14:37

So Okay, next one.

Preston 14:38

All right. Now the next one is going to be hitting close to home here South Carolina against number 16 Arkansas. Arkansas favored by eight and a half.

Shane 14:48

Eight and a half. In their home. Cover win by 10 to 12, Mark?

Mark 14:57

Yeah, I think they cover well.

Preston 14:59

I've got Arkansas by 20 South Carolina's quarterback is Spencer Rattler. I have no faith in that guy.

Shane 15:08

Well, true. All right, next one.

Preston 15:09

All right, next one up. We got number 23. Wake Forest at Vanderbilt. Wake is favored by 13. As of right now.

Mark 15:18

from Vanderbilt?

Shane 15:19

Who's at home?

Preston 15:21

Vandy is at home.

Shane 15:23

Not that I think that matters much Wake Forest, cover.

Mark 15:26

And what was the cover? What was the first spread? 13?

Preston 15:29

13 Yeah.

Mark 15:31

Yeah, I think they cover I think they beat him by to.

Preston 15:33

Y'all seen Vanderbilt play this year. They're on fire!

Shane 15:36

Against Hawaii they scored 61.

Preston 15:38

Up until this game, they're on fire until this game.

Shane 15:41

Oh, wait a minute!

Preston 15:42

I'm taking Wake Forest.

Shane 15:43

Did see the final score against Elon. I'm not sure if that was Musk.

Preston 15:49

I did.

Mark 15:50

Yeah. That was Elon Musk.

Shane 15:51

What did they let Elon score?

Preston 15:54

I'm not it was already 27 I think.

Shane 15:57

All right. Yeah, I don't think this one's unless wait poles of Virginia Tech against Old Dominion. I'm still bitter about that. All right. What do you got next?

Preston 16:05

Next. All right. Next up. Charleston Southern. against NC State. Who okay is the state's minus 42 and a half?

Shane 16:16

Man I hate that line. Looks like just to be bout right in that 40 To 42 point range to Charleston Southern.

Preston 16:25

You gotta get NC state to score.

Shane 16:27

Yeah, but they what they score last time. It wasn't a then they play East Carolina.

Preston 16:33

Yeah, they played East Carolina.

Shane 16:34

They're both in the 30s Weren't they?

Preston 16:36

21 to 20 was a final score that game.

Shane 16:38

I have to look it up. Charleston Southern though. Man. Oh, what the hell? They cover not. Charleston Southern will cover barely.

Mark 16:49

I think they'll cover not win, won't be barely but they just won't win by that much.

Preston 16:52

Yeah, I don't know. Charleston Southern is but I don't know that North Carolina State can score 42 same with y'all I'm going under. Austin southern there.

Shane 16:59

What else?

Preston 17:00

Next one up is Southern Utah against 13th. Ranked Utah. Utah is favored by 43 and a half.

Shane 17:08

And Utah had their pants pulled down there in Gator land last week. So they're due to put a whoopin' on somebody. And I think Southern Utah is that Huckleberry Utah covers this one.

Mark 17:17

I'm going out. I think they win but not cover.

Preston 17:20

I see I took em' to cover I think the same thing. I think they'll put up a ton of points.

Shane 17:24

All right.

Preston 17:25

All right. Next up is fun. This is Marshall at Notre Dame Notre Dame's favorite by 20 and a half.

Shane 17:32

Notre Dame also they played a lot better than I guess against Ohio State especially defensively. So give me give me the Fighting Irish on the winning track and putting a smackdown on Marshall probably by about four touchdowns is my guess.

Mark 17:48

All right. Yeah, I think they I think Notre Dame covers easily.

Preston 17:51

Yeah I do too. I think they got something to prove to themselves so they're just gonna come out firing. All right. Next up is Furman. Yep. FURMAN against Clemson cleanses favorite by 44 and a half.

Shane 18:05

Well, they did go down to Georgia Southern Georgia Tech northeast Georgia whatever we had them late last week and they handled business it wasn't pretty though I'll give you that.

Preston 18:14

First three quarters were terrible.

Shane 18:15

Clemson covers this time.

Mark 18:17

yeah, if you can find somebody that will take that bet on the point spread Clemson covers.

Preston 18:21

well, here's what I'm gonna tell you. I got a little tidbit on this one.

Shane 18:24

Oh, boy.

Preston 18:25

Furman has not allowed a point scored all year long this year.

Shane 18:28

Really? Because they haven't played?

Preston 18:29

Well now. They played one game they just flanked that other team they played but this will change how they played.

Mark 18:34

It wasn't Nebraska was it? Oops there's Nebraska.

Preston 18:37

I guess it's tradition. We got to bring them up. They did win last week against North Dakota by the way.

Mark 18:42

Junior high.

Shane 18:44

So what's your official pathway?

Preston 18:45

Yeah, I got Clemson winning this one.

Shane 18:46

And covering?

Preston 18:47

Probably best 70 Yeah.

Shane 18:48

Oh by 70 wow! Okay.

Mark 18:52

You threw a curveball.

Preston 18:53

That's where they keep em stored until they turn the lights on the stadium. Next up is Appalachian State which I know y'all saw the end of that game last week. Taken on set number six Texas A&M down in Aggieland. A&M is favored by 19.

Shane 19:10

Well, they gave Appalachian State some credit there which is good.

Preston 19:14

I mean, if you score 40 points in the quarter you deserve some credit.

Shane 19:19

I guess or that other team's defense just decided quit actually both defense.

Preston 19:23

That's what I was gonna say you even want to play defense?

Shane 19:25

There was a like Xbox game or whatever PlayStation games so going down if Texas A&M is supposed to be who they are they they win this and they cover it so I'm gonna go that route because I think they are who they say they are.

Mark 19:36

I think Texas A&M covers Appalachian State is one of seven against SEC teams.

Preston 19:36

Well Appalachian states also got a defense about as good as us three taking on anybody

Mark 19:36


Shane 19:38

Oh, so you mean they're going to cover.

Preston 19:38

But I will say it is a trap game. A&M's next two games are ranked opponents. So if they start overlooking Appalachian State, they might have a little trouble with that later in the game so.

Shane 19:59

Alright! Got any more action?

Preston 20:00

Oh yeah. Next one up. So one of my favorites this week.

Shane 20:03


Preston 20:04

No sir. No sir.

Shane 20:05

We said ranked.

Mark 20:06

Ranked team that's right.

Preston 20:07

Ranked this week this is two ranked teams playing against each other. You got number 24, Tennessee at number 17 Pittsburgh. Tennessee's favored by six on the road.

Mark 20:18


Shane 20:19

I will say and I think I said it last week when we did the show that Tennessee did impress me with scoring and beaten somebody should that bad like they showed up and did that because in the past, they win that game but it might have been some ugly like 31 to 17 or 16 or something crazy.

Preston 20:35

We do like to play down to our competition of it.

Shane 20:38

But Pittsburgh I'm not 100% sure how good they are too so favored. I'll tell you what I'm you said how much a touchdown?

Preston 20:44


Shane 20:44

Oh it's six. I wish it was a touchdown.

Mark 20:47

Who's Favored?

Preston 20:47


Preston 20:48

Tennessee? Alright.

Shane 20:49

All right. I'm gonna I'm gonna go Pitt with the points but I think Tennessee probably eats that game out.

Mark 20:53

Yeah, I'm gonna Pitt straight out.

Shane 20:55

Are you really moneyline Pitt?

Mark 20:57


Preston 20:57


Mark 20:58

That's right.

Preston 20:59

I think there's gonna be a lot of offense in this game.

Shane 21:00

You just hurt his feelings.

Preston 21:01


Mark 21:02

Oh I'm sorry.

Preston 21:02

I think the over 64 and a half gets there pretty easy. But I have Tennessee winning by 10 so.

Shane 21:07

By 10, not a homer pick. Go ahead.

Preston 21:11

Not a homer pick at all. I just saw how bad they played against West Virginia last week. Next up Washington state against Wisconsin playing that Wisconsin. Minus 17 and a half. Wisconsin.

Mark 21:22

For Wisconsin?

Shane 21:24

Washington State so at least they're a big boy school on the road in Wisconsin doesn't seem to ever really grind anybody out. Give me the points. I'll take Washington State to cover but not win.

Preston 21:34


Mark 21:35

I'm going Wisconsin cheese curds.

Preston 21:37

Yeah, I slept on Wisconsin last week. I think they'd win this with by at least 24 And maybe worse. All right. Next one up. This is the biggest line of the week. Oh, no, it's not. I take that back. I found one down here more. This one is Sanford. SAN. Sanford, Sanford at number two. Georgia, Georgia and Georgia is favored by 50 and a half.

Mark 22:04


Shane 22:06

Georgia probably hanging a 70 nugget on him counted. Cover.

Mark 22:11

If you can find someone to take the bet on the pointspread. Georgia wins all day.

Preston 22:15

Yeah, I don't know that. They'll score Sanford won't score a point. I don't think they may get past the 50 yard line if they get lucky to get a turnover. But yeah, I've got an Xbox score here. Georgia is going to be about 50 and a half. So I think Georgia kills easy. Yeah. All right. Next one.

Shane 22:30

You wants some action on that?

Mark 22:31

No. Okay. No, no, absolutely not.

Preston 22:33

I want to talk about this after the show, sir. I got Akron at Michigan State. Michigan State's favored by 34 and a half. So what do you think they're on, Sparty?

Mark 22:47

How many?

Preston 22:48

34 and a half.

Shane 22:50

Akron eeeee man. I'll probably regret that. But I'll take Michigan State because I don't see how Akron is going to score much if field goal maybe too field goals. Something like that.

Mark 23:04

Think they cover?

Shane 23:05


Mark 23:06

Yeah, I think they cover.

Preston 23:07

I was fixin to say a little nugget here. I was waiting on you to say Akron needed overtime to beat St. Francis of Pennsylvania last week.

Shane 23:14

Oh the Fighting Game Hens or might be?

Preston 23:17

Whatever they are. They need an overtime to beat them. So I think Michigan State blows this game out early.

Shane 23:21

I feel really great about that.

Preston 23:25

I just want to say but I don't want to tell you that before you pick. Next up number 25 Euston at Texas Tech.

Shane 23:32

Oh, I think I know where you're going. And what's line.

Preston 23:35

Three and a half Texas Tech favorite.

Shane 23:38

So Texas Tech is unranked. Against a barely ranked team. And yet that's playing its rank team is favored. Well, and you know, I'll have to I don't even know if I should give you credit because UTSA who they played last week you recall on the good team and they almost got beat straight. They should

Preston 23:58

have got they should have got they should. Yeah had UTSA last week. Well

Shane 24:01

that. So you're right. I don't think Houston should be ranked. I'll take Texas Tech at home and lay the points lay the field goal.

Mark 24:07

I'm gonna follow the same suit. Yeah.

Preston 24:09

Me too. I've got it on there. I think Texas has too much offense. Houston didn't impress me last week at all. So I'm definitely going with Tech on this one. Yeah. Next up, Kent State. Oh, boy. You love those guys. at Oklahoma. Oklahoma. favored Oklahoma is favored by 33.

Shane 24:30

And I believe they did cover although they made it a little close for comfort in the fourth quarter. They almost choked it up and gave up that obligatory late touchdown. That's what teams this is Kent State. I'll go Oh, heck. Why not? Oklahoma. Lay the points.

Mark 24:46

Sam. Yeah,

Preston 24:47

I got Oklahoma in a blowout here. Yeah, the kids scored Kent State.

Mark 24:53

Oklahoma blows Elkins state. Oh, nice.

Preston 24:56

I'm wondering your notes man. All right next up is another pair of ranked teams number 20 Kentucky at the swamp Florida is favored by six.

Shane 25:09

All right so Florida was not ranked that going into the season preseason we both felt that was okay so you're probably was now either you gotta believe Utah's ranked seventh or whatever, which I didn't but I think Utah's a ranked team top 25 team. Florida State didn't hammer him but they did what they need to do went home. So I think Florida being ranked 12th is a little too rich. I don't think they did anything to deserve that. Meanwhile Kentucky look the part I'll be it against somebody that should have whooped. But it's tough to win in the swamp. But you said the line was what?

Preston 25:49

Six Florida's favored by six.

Shane 25:51

I think Florida wins again, but by only a field goal to four points. I'll take Kentucky and the points.

Mark 25:57

I think Florida wins.

Preston 25:59

Like cover that cover. I just know that Florida has won 33 out of the last 35 against Kentucky. And I just don't think Kentucky I told you last week I think I figured they were gonna win that game. But I didn't expect a whole lot from him this year.

Shane 26:11

So he's saying there's a chance?

Preston 26:12

I think, you know, as much as it hurts my heart to say it because I do not like Florida at all. I think they win this by 14

Shane 26:20

by 14.

Preston 26:22

I've got Florida by 14

Shane 26:23

to tell you what would you get me 14? In Kentucky?

Preston 26:27


Mark 26:29

Not that confident.

Shane 26:30

All right not that confident.

Preston 26:31

I can be competent, sir. When there's no money on the line. All right. All right. Next up, we've got Central Arkansas ad number 22 Ole Miss, which did not look good. Last week. Ole Miss is favored about 32 and a half. Playing at home. Wow.

Shane 26:48

Yeah, I was expecting Ole Miss. I think I hadn't covered last week pretty easy. And it was nothing easy about what they were going through. Matter of fact, the team that I thought didn't look great at all Mississippi State actually looked really good against Memphis.

Preston 27:02

I think Memphis didn't come out after the weather.

Shane 27:04

Probably not. Yeah, but fell asleep. Again, Central Akransas?

Preston 27:08

Central Arkansas mean, I don't even know their mascot.

Shane 27:11

I don't know. But I'm going to call it the losing tickets. Because I think Ole Miss will get things right this week. And they're the right team to woop. So give me Ole Miss. And I'll take the points or I'll lay the points.

Mark 27:25

Yeah, I'll take I'll take Ole Miss. I think they cover.

Preston 27:29

All three of us again, that doesn't have very often people know, right? Next up is gonna be a fun game. Number 10 USC at Stanford, see I know were looking.

Shane 27:42

Probably the best game of the whole slate top 25 Slate, right there.

Mark 27:46

What's the spread you got?

Preston 27:47

I've got USC minus eight and a half.

Mark 27:50


Shane 27:51

On the road at Stanford.

Preston 27:53

Stanford always places good teams tough.

Shane 27:55

So let me ask this question. Andrew Luck playing?

Preston 27:58

Probably not.

Shane 27:59

Is his son football aged college, or does even have a?

Preston 28:04

I wouldn't think so.

Shane 28:05

So there's no luck planning at all at Stanford.

Preston 28:08

Not unless he just shows up to watch the game.

Shane 28:12

They looked really impressive, albeit against rice, which, okay, it's rice. That's rice. But I'll go ahead and lay the points say they win by two touchdowns to 17. Somewhere in that range.

Mark 28:24

Wow. I'm going USC covers, but I think they barely do it.

Preston 28:28

I don't think there's anything barely about it at all. I said this is my pick of the week and we were doing college. Can I love USC would put this in all my parlays.

Shane 28:39

All right. Laying the points. Anymore?

Preston 28:43

Yeah, we got three more. Three more. All right. Next Steps Arizona State at Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State is minus 11 and a half.

Shane 28:53

Ooh, really? Now granted, I know they let 20 some odd points be scored by Central Michigan or

Preston 28:59

We don't have to talk about that, sir.

Shane 29:01

Yeah, well, I know

Preston 29:02

still a little salty about that. It cost me a six game parlay. Mistake.

Shane 29:07

I didn't. I was gonna I was gonna tell Mark. I wanted to feature that on the bed beats when I heard it, but I didn't get it in time before we could do that. Dang, that'd been a good one. Oh, yeah. Oklahoma state's at home. I'll go ahead and lay the points take OSU.

Mark 29:21

Yep. Oklahoma State.

Preston 29:22

Me too. If they don't give up 22 in the fourth quarter, they should win.

Mark 29:26


Preston 29:27

They've done it once. All right.

Preston 29:28

Next up, we've got Hawaii. The rainbows.

Shane 29:32

Oh boy. The ones that got scored by 60 something by Vanderbilt.

Preston 29:35

They're taking on Michigan at michigan.

Shane 29:38


Preston 29:39

And that is the biggest ones. Spread of the Week is 5252.

Mark 29:45

Two. Huge point.

Shane 29:47

Well, if Michigan played the whole game with their starters, they whipped them at five to three. Problem is they'll probably be up 50 At half putting the cheerleaders the water boys eighth year seniors

Preston 30:04

said wow, that's coming. But

Shane 30:06

you know what Hawaii looks so I mean, so bad. I'll. 58 the three or 62 to three, go ahead. I hate this. But Michigan covers.

Mark 30:18

Yeah, I'm going Michigan wins but does not cover that says to me, are you kidding? No, I'm not like I think they're gonna put their their backups in. And the and Hawaii is gonna accidentally score a touchdown. Maybe a field goal. Just enough to screw that 52 point.

Preston 30:32

Here's where I'm going with this. Vanderbilt covered the 52 points against Hawaii. Vanderbilt,

Shane 30:37

Vanderbilt. Score even today even score?

Preston 30:41

63 to 10. Okay, was the final score of that game.

Shane 30:43

against Vanderbilt's team?

Preston 30:45


Shane 30:47

All right. Yeah.

Preston 30:48

I think Hawaii has got the Hawaii has got a worse defense at Appalachian State from last week. I definitely think Michigan wins this game. You know, it might stop at 70 and make it a little over 70. I'm not sure. All right.

Mark 31:00

That's that's a game to watch next week.

Preston 31:01

And then the last one our last pair ranked teams last top 25 this week. We've got number nine Baylor at 21 BYU. BYU is favored by three at home.

Mark 31:14

All right.

Shane 31:17

Favorite, and BYU it is tough to play out there. In Brigham Young land. Sue, boy that is going to be a good game.

Preston 31:24

It'll be a great game to watch. The best game to watch all weekend.

Mark 31:29

You see BYU is the favorite. Okay.

Shane 31:33

BYU got I'll go ahead at home. I'll take the home team and lay the points.

Mark 31:37

I see an upset I see Baylor winning straight out.

Preston 31:39

I do too. I've taken Baylor to win it out. Just give me the odds and I'll take the game. Last week, I thought Baylor was the best team in the big 12 I think they're gonna win the conference. And I think they're gonna run a lot of these schedules through. So I think they win this game

Shane 31:54

right? There. That is your college top 25 action. And just some quick thoughts on each game. Keep in mind, you can bet those now you can bet them tomorrow. But before kickoff, let's you want to get that in game play. Download the app now. We're still trying to get pregnant. Go ahead. Lamy that 14 and Kentucky still, I'm thinking about it. Alright, we'll get an update at the end of the show. All right, now it's time for the new $5 parlay game, but it's called the pick six picks are also the pick six, you must pick six games on Sunday for the NFL, they gotta have point spreads to them. your pick of the week, or your best bet will be one of the six now you'll get a point for every one that you get right. And if your best bet comes in, it's double. So there is a possibility of seven points each week. And we'll recap these for those that are watching today. Our first set of Monday shows will start next week. So we're going to be doing shows on Monday and Fridays. So we won't waste any time throwing some slop around with each other for their picks. All right. All right. So this is an average Joe's versus the pros. The pros are on your TV screens right now. That'd be myself and Mark. That's us. And if you're watching YouTube, there's Joe. Right, George? just average the average Joe, he had three out of six, maybe below average Joe, that was 50%, which is average? Yeah. So he plays the part well, all right. So so here we go. Who wants to go? So for what he thinks? Yeah, go ahead, Mark to say so here.

Mark 33:24

How does somebody become an average Joe, on this show? How tell us how Shane's here this how

Preston 33:31

well worse than me.

Shane 33:37

So if you'd like to play this game, you just want to make sure at least right now, to come and make sure you if you're in the local area, you're at the retail it's going to be the best because we'd like to get you on the show live. Not that we can't do it via telephone. We'd like to try it live first.

Mark 33:50

We want to see that reaction when you're making those great picks. Yeah.

Shane 33:53

So talk to him money line money line Mark or myself. And we'll we'll get you slated in the show. We have a couple of special ones coming up the GM of this property is offered and now I'm not going to call him an average Joe here. Maybe when he leaves, okay. No, because I don't know if he'll listen to the podcast. But anyway, we'll do it that way. And we'll have some special guests on the way and then also as part of this program. Eventually we're gonna get the high risers and the hillbillies.

Mark 34:21


Shane 34:22

Where were the hillbillies? That we're going against the boys that are watching the money move amongst sports down to Miami. That's right. Right Kyle? Come on. Come on Kyle. So we're gonna see who can pick em the best and we'll keep running tallies. Now if you beat us, the pros has us. We got t shirts just for participating but the Odds Brothers t-shirt. That's right. Then if you beat one of us, it's a $25 food credit here and the in the casino here. If you'd be both of us, that's 50 that's that's good enough for a nice steak.

Shane 34:49

50 dollars a good meal right here in the workbook you can feed to with that.

Preston 35:03

It's the easiest money you'll ever make.

Shane 35:05

Oh my goodness.

Mark 35:07

Where's that? Where's that button? See now press and what's great about the Monday recap show is that you will be here to defend yourself.

Preston 35:16

I will not I'll be the guy sitting behind me just screaming at you. Holding the sign.

Mark 35:23

I got robbed.

Shane 35:26

Alright, so what we're gonna do, just because all of our picks are down. So I'm not trying to down with the sickness. Yeah, I'm not trying to cheat or grab anybody's stuff. And I got a screenshot of mine here. So and we saw Preston write this down. So we've got them all down. So that yeah, it has to be all Sunday action. Because when we get on the air for Monday, we won't know the result of that. And we'd like to know all that. So just Sunday games for the NFL.

Preston 35:53

So it can't be the Thursday game I need to take to go ahead and take the bills.

Mark 35:57

That was my luck of the week.

Shane 35:59

Yeah, I took bills minus 20. Yeah, I was.

Mark 36:03

Right. Put that on the chart Kyle.

Shane 36:05

All right. So as the average Joe, you get a choice to go whatever position you want to go and you want to go first, second or third with your picks.

Preston 36:12

I'll go first. I'm not scared. All right. He's not scared. Yeah, yeah. All right. My record is not really trending. Well, this show. So I guess I'll just go ahead and get it out.

Shane 36:21

Our Parlay Preston to go and give us your pick six for the NFL on Sunday.

Preston 36:25

All right, my pick six. The first one I've got is the Panthers plus one against the browns. I think Mayfield shows up against his old team. So I'll take that one. All right. Next up, I've got the Chargers minus three against the Raiders. Minus three. Chargers score some points here, okay, I'm gonna take the Cardinals plus six at home against the chiefs. Against the chiefs. Now against the chiefs. Chiefs have a weak defense. I think they can score points. Here's probably one that'll shock you a little bit. I'm taking the Vikings plus one and a half with Green Bay coming to town.

Mark 37:06

All right, that those two teams play each other. Pretty darn well.

Preston 37:10

Well they do. And I just Greenbay still got a lot of rookie. stuff to work through. Oh, next one up. I'm taking the saints minus five and a half at Atlanta. All right. And this last one I was kind of back and forth on I thought about just for a second. Looking at the Cowboys. Yeah. Oh, geez. But then I changed my mind.

Shane 37:34

All right. Wise, man. Wise man there. What do you got?

Preston 37:38

My last game I took the Eagles minus four at Detroit. Yeah, you can call it a homer pick if you want. But I think our offense is just too much for Detroit to handle.

Shane 37:47

So I know it was last year.

Preston 37:49

Right, So and my pick of the week yeah. The one I'm gonna double up on is the Chargers Raiders game?

Shane 37:57

Minus the three. So that's your best bet or pick of the week?

Preston 38:01

It is I think they're gonna score a whole lot of points. I think their offense is gonna be great this year, just like bubbles.

Shane 38:06

Okay. That's amazing. So out of the Go ahead. We'll go ahead and let you get your first since basically, it's two verse one and then one verse one.

Preston 38:15

I've just never heard him call anything I said, amazing. So I was just kind of shocked by that.

Mark 38:20

Unfortunately, I do agree with you on on a couple of them. So that's what I mean by unfortunately. I'm starting off at the tippy top with the saints minus five and a half. I think they're gonna beat those dirty, where they call them the

Preston 38:34

dirty birds, dirty birds. You can do the dance? No. Okay.

Mark 38:41

Then I'm going with the Cincinnati over the Steelers. I'm taking Cinci minus six and a half. All right, because who's the quarterback for the Steelers?

Preston 38:49

Mitch? Mitch Trubisky.

Mark 38:51

Okay. That's about right. All right. And then I'm going with eagles owner lions goodness. Hey, he see that say? Yeah, write it down.

Shane 39:01

Do you have for two?

Mark 39:02

Yeah, I got a minus four. Okay, I got a minus four. Now I'm going with the Colts over the Texans culture, minus seven. All right. And I'm going the Ravens over the Jets at minus seven. And then I'm going Tennessee Titans minus five and a half over the Giants. Look at him shaking his head. He doesn't like that.

Preston 39:22

I was scared to death of that pick. I won't even lie I was scared of it.

Mark 39:26

Alright, so my pick of the week is going to be that ravens game minus seven over the Jets. Je T s no D fence. Oh, so how does that sound goes?

Shane 39:38

Oh, it will evidently. I mean, I could be the case. I

Preston 39:42

don't know. No. QB either. Wilson's out for a while.

Mark 39:46


Shane 39:46

Yeah. All right. Well, so for mine. You ever look at a line and you go this is too good to be true. And usually it is but I just don't see any way with the Geno Smith led Seattle. I know Seattle is at home but Russell Wilson is coming back to cook you a little bit minus six and a half. That's all you have to give. If you're Denver to go to Seattle with the state of Seattle is in. Give me Denver. I'll leave less than a touchdown. You can't have Denver. Why can I not?

Preston 40:15

is you're breaking your own rule, sir.

Shane 40:17

Is that Monday night? That's the Monday night guys son of a gun.

Mark 40:21

I wanted to get through this. That's what I was waiting. I'm like, Yeah, immediately he is oh, and six. It sounds like

Preston 40:28

you can't have that one.

Shane 40:30

Don't worry. I got the backup text.

Mark 40:32

Dang it. He's got the Cowboys in his pocket.

Shane 40:33

I am gonna have to do a different bet. So for those that want a Monday night action all right, Cleveland at Carolina Baker Mayfield revenge game, right. Get appointed boot. So I took Carolina plus the one. I did take Philadelphia. Now being a Cowboys fan. I know being a Cowboys fan. The SEC. Now granted, I don't think it's 44 to six or whatever it was last year. I don't think it's that kind of stomping but Detroit slowly getting some people up some good players. Their offense should be better. But you still got Jared Goff at QB. So Philadelphia if you're going to win the NFC East, we got to win. You got to win.

Mark 41:16

All you got to do is win win win.

Shane 41:20

Yeah, that's all you got to do. New England at Miami. Miami got Tyreke Hill, new toy to play with their the defense is still pretty dang good. I'm still not a Mac Jones believer. So only the three and a half at home in Miami. I don't think they win by 10 to 13 Be honest. I tell you why. You know my tell you why. Tom Brady years.

Preston 41:40

You give me 13 with Miami and New England and I'll give you the 14 with Florida, Kentucky.

Shane 41:49

I give you a little we'll give you 10. This is pro non-college.

Preston 41:53

You said 13. I'm just going by the 13.

Shane 41:56

You get the low end, sir.

Preston 41:59

Oh, okay.

Shane 42:00

Even in the Tom Brady years, Miami plays at home against New England. Pretty down tough. Right. So Matt Jones should should turn around and get that green bay at Minnesota. Yeah, it's Aaron Rodgers. And I know he likes to talk a lot of smack but Minnesota plays Green Bay really tough at home. They win their share at home. They just can't win much outside of Green Bay. It seems like coming to their place, but I'll leave the one and a half. And I think Minnesota wins that game. Probably by seven. Yeah. Yeah, Kansas City. I'm gonna go ahead on the opposite side of Preston. Yep, I'm gonna go ahead and lay the six it's I still win with just a touchdown late. Kyler Murray, who I guess he's got Marquis Brown, but Rondale Morris likely out Zach Ertz. Which, you know, I don't know how you feel about him since he's left the Eagles but he's a little older. Not quite as older he's still DeAndre Hopkins, AJ green is like 58 Who's running back? James Columna. Ceramic knee himself called get to the choppa. I think Kansas City has something to go like Tyreke leaves and you think we're a bunch of garbage? I think they it seems to take something like that for Kansas City to really lay a whip down on somebody.

Preston 43:14

I'm not worried about Kansas City's offense at all. I just worry more about their defense. It was so bad towards the end of the year last year. I just don't think that they can stop Arizona and just whip up on them. Like everybody thinks they're going to.

Shane 43:27

And the last game, which I didn't. I guess I put it down because I was really hoping I could take that Denver. That's not Damn. I'm gonna take saints minus five and a half. I'm not a believer in Marcus Mariota as a QB. Other than Kyle Pitts. I'm still not a believer in their weaponry.

Preston 43:44

Ah, I don't know. I think London

Shane 43:47

will be good. But he's a rookie golden ticket. But I think it'd be good. So I'll lay it initially because the saints I think actually probably take down Tampa Bay and win the south this year. The NFC South. I'll give him that. How about that for a bowl prediction there Marcelus.

Mark 44:02

All right. Let's come watch.

Preston 44:04

I mean, we'll see. Yeah, they played real well last year. I mean, they were they beat Tampa Bay both games last year. Yes. The Saints did. Yes. I mean, it's not a far fetched.

Shane 44:13

Yep. And one was was Taysom Hill. Right. So all right, my best bet Minnesota getting a point and a half at home.

Mark 44:22

Yeah, that's a risky first bet to me.

Shane 44:26

We shall see Monday. That's right.

Preston 44:28

We'll recap all this then. That's right. Yeah.

Shane 44:31

The thing envisions in Minnesota that I hope don't happen they're down by two get in field goal range kick it win it by one and I get hit by the hook. I hate the hook when I'm laying it.

Preston 44:43

I try to buy it every chance I get oh can I buy it? Not in this game?

Shane 44:48

Oh, wait a minute, whose rules and show is this?

Preston 44:52

Now we got we got to keep an eye on you. You already tried to break the rules ever game. Wow, that was awesome.

Shane 44:57

All right, Mark. So, speaking of Best Bets of the week, we have some update to do here. So why don't you go ahead and let us know on so far how we've done with Best Bets of the week.

Mark 45:07

All right so, Shane, you're sitting eight and 11 That's pretty good, ain't it?

Shane 45:14

Thank you ppreciate it.

Mark 45:17

That was a long ass applause

Shane 45:18

Well, I deserve it.

Mark 45:19

I'm seven of 11. Yeah, that's about right. Get the next button ready. Zero for two.

Preston 45:32

I was told last week. They didn't count.

Mark 45:34

Now, that wasn't not the best bet of the week. Okay, those all count.

Shane 45:40

If you feel so good. That's right. I gotta count.

Mark 45:43

That's right. That's right Kyle.

Shane 45:44

All right, we got any actually speaking in the NFL or football we got any Betley promotions for the app there Mark?

Mark 45:50

We do have a little bit of something something on the on the belly app. So currently, they have a 15% NFL profit boost. You want to get on those Betly apps, Tennessee, Arkansas, to see more details about that. But you can increase your profit boost boost by 15%.

Shane 46:07

As count like single games, or does have to be parlays or anything?

Mark 46:10


Shane 46:11

Anything paul?

Mark 46:12

I'm sure what the minimum would be but you go in as apps and look up for more details and make sure you qualify. All right. Pretty handy. Hello, everybody likes a boost. Everybody likes it boosts they might be putting that boost on the Cowboys game and saying I might need a little extra money.

Shane 46:27

Just real quick. Preston. What's your gut tell you on the cowboy Tampa Bay game?

Preston 46:31

Honestly, I was kind of rolling with the Cowboys at first. And that pains me to say anytime I ever say that. I'm glad I got that audio. But I did see today that DAX angles a little hurt. And you know, when he's not in the game, the Cowboys might as well not even take the field. So I think Tampa Bay is going to win. I don't think that Dak's 100%. And you're still a little thin on receivers so.

Shane 46:51

A little thin. Just keep in mind now they could be BSin us. But supposedly his hurt feet were because he was too small cleats that Jordan cleats or something I hear Yeah. And he come out and said I'm fine. I don't even got any rap on it. And that's at least what he's saying. But you know how coy they are with all this stuff.

Preston 47:09

Right? Trying to play mind games. It's not gonna work against Tom Brady.

Mark 47:13

I think Jerry was just rubbing his feet.

Shane 47:16

Who you got Mark real quick.

Mark 47:18

I like the Cowboys. I think they win.

Shane 47:20

There, there was some stat and I don't know if I got this exactly right. But like 11 Home Team dogs this week in the opening week, right? Last time that happened or something similar to that there was a lot of home teams that actually went out right, not just covered. So be careful with that home team grab. You know, especially if you're laying points. Yeah, careful, Paul. Of course. I'm looking at let's see, I got a road team. I picked the roads. Yeah. So I'm laying points all. Warwick six. Meanwhile, as I'm telling you to watch the points, I'm laying them all over the place. Awesome. All right. Well, good deal. Well, thanks for joining us again on the show.

Preston 47:57

Well I appreciate ya'll having me anytime.

Shane 47:58

Yeah, we'll make sure we track these and...

Preston 48:01

let me know how terrible. I do next week. I appreciate that.

Shane 48:04

You know the way this might work out? You might go six and O.

Preston 48:07

I might then you have, then you might have to bring me back on the show again.

Shane 48:10

Yeah, I'm sure that will happen. If that happens. Yeah. We'll have to let you gloats Do you so much. So

Mark 48:15

is that a new? Is that a new rule again? What's that? If they go six for 60? They have to come back.

Shane 48:21

Oh, don't have to.

Preston 48:24

If I go six for six, I'm coming back. Even if I'm not on the stage. I'm gonna stand behind a whole sign up behind your head.

Shane 48:32

That's awesome, man. All right. Well, anything else before we wrap up the show them?

Mark 48:37

No, I have nothing. This is a lot of fun. I can't wait to see how we do with this pick six. Yeah. Meaning segment to the show. I think it adds a lot of variety.

Preston 48:45

I love it kicks it off and gives everybody a little bit of what they shouldn't bet on it. They see how bad we pick.

Shane 48:53

To go either way. If you sit there and watch us long enough, you'll know which side of the fence to probably follow. If anything, the best bets. Were pretty solid on except for me. Except for you. Yeah,

Mark 49:04

keep that trend going. We'll just call that the Preston wall.

Shane 49:12

All right, everybody. Well, that'll do it. Keep in mind shows every Friday and now next week starting we'll do them on Monday. So Monday and Friday. Make sure you get it on both the podcast channels, right. Yep. And then now officially YouTube and YouTube. So you can catch it on there. Just look for the Betly, brand and when you do your search and the Odds Brothers should be right there. Whether it's the blog, or whether it's the Odds Brothers on the Spotify just we're gonna hit

Mark 49:40

Tens of views. 10s 10s and 10s of views Yes. 10s and 10s of subscribers on YouTube.

Shane 49:46

Yeah. And they keep it up. You never grabbed the button right here. Hang up, Preston. Yeah, so sorry for the button right here. All right, Kyle you got that. All right. Everybody for moneyline mark I'm pointspread Shane and special guests parlay Preston thanks for listening and watching the odds brothers we will see you on a Monday enjoy

Preston 50:09

the weekend got it

Betly 50:22

Thank you for listening to the Odds Brothers podcast. Presented by the Betly Sportsbook. Place your sports bets here from inside Southland Casino or from anywhere in Arkansas at Southland.betly.com. Ah man I'll tell ya what that dang old internet mang going on there pointin' click click click click click click click click it's real easy mang. Be sure to follow the Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google and coming soon to YouTube. Keep in mind in Arkansas you must be 21 or older and located in Arkansas to bet please play responsibly for help putting call one 800-522-4700.