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August 11th, 2022

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Sportsbook Traders August Update

For this month's Sportsbook Traders Update, the traders are here to share a few thoughts on this year's upcoming pro football season. Oh and a little side of pro baseball of course. Now without further ado, let's check in with our sportsbook traders: Nick, Luke, Zach, and Nathan!


Tampa Bay to Win AL

  • Tampa Bay has had plenty of postseason success and this year has been hampered by injuries to many position players. At the end of the month, they are going to get all-star pitch Tyler Glasnow, All-Star Shortstop Wander Franco, and Manuel Margot as well. This team is built on their bullpen, and they have one of the league’s best and haven’t been particularly healthy. 

            Over the last 30 days, the Tampa Bay bullpen is:

            -5th in the league in WHIP (1.17)

            -2nd in the league in BB% (7.4%)

            -7th in the league in ERA (3.39)

I figure at this number you’re getting a complete team with the best version of their lineup coming in October. 

Tampa Bay to win the AL.

+1600 on the Betly Sportsbook

Miami over 8.5 Wins 

Where to start? The team that got the most amount of help over the summer must be Miami. Not only did they trade for the league’s most dynamic WR (Tyreek Hill) and acquire one of the league’s best offensive tackles (Terron Armstead), but they also got the next Sean Mcvay in their coach Mike McDaniel. It’s been difficult to be a dolphin fan over the last twenty years, but this is the time for the dolphins to finally win the fans back and go to the postseason. They got better in coaching, explosiveness, & toughness. This team is easily a 10–11-win ball club and you only need 9 wins to win this bet. 

OVER 8.5 wins at -140 on the Betly Sportbook seems too good to be true.


As August begins, the Betly Sportsbook calendar begins to fill. We have you covered with NASCAR, F1, the PGA Tour, UFC, The Premier League, and to save the best for last football! The FedEx Cup race is heating up with Scheffler and Smith leading the pack, will we see someone dethrone Scheffler or will he cruise through the FedEx Cup playoffs? That all unfolds in the next few weeks with both the St. Jude and BMW Championship tournaments on the horizon. There are a few UFC cards this month as well, most notably Usman vs. Edwards 2 on Aug. 20th which looks likely to be an exciting one. I believe Usman wins in dominating fashion as he is easily one of the best fighters in the world. Pro football is almost here, and it could be one of the most exciting seasons to date (going to be hard to beat last year!). Will we see Malik Willis on the field sooner than expected? Will the favored Josh Allen and Buffalo dominate this season? My prediction (which is biased) is Buffalo will come to play this year and crush the over 11.5 wins. Come to Betly, put your futures in, and watch it all happen!


August is here, and Betly's sportsbook offerings are heating up! On August 11th will Tennessee prevail against Baltimore in their preseason opener? Back to school as the college football season kicks off August 27th. Put on your team colors and check out when your favorite college is playing on Betly.com. Betly also has you covered in August for all the hottest Tennis, Golf, MMA, and Motor Sports action. Stay tuned for the hottest odds and profit boosts!


It is August and that means the return of football and a ton of different QB Battles. I am going to highlight my 2 favorite QB battles in the NFL for this preseason.

Pittsburgh: Trubisky vs Pickett

While Trubisky has more mobility and experience than Pickett, does this Pittsburgh team want to attempt to make the playoffs now or attempt to develop Pickett into the next franchise QB?

Trubisky will give Pittsburgh the edge in the defense strong AFC North but does not have as much pocket presence as Pickett. Trubisky's ability to run the RPO may give Pittsburgh the edge in the early season to have some offensive game plan and attempt to set the Steelers in a playoff spot. However, I believe that developing Pickett should be a priority as he is a poised pocket passer and will be the best long-term option for Pittsburgh.

Atlanta: Mariota vs Ridder

Atlanta has to be in rebuild mode after letting Matt Ryan go for a third-round pick. So why even let Mariota start in Atlanta? Both players have dual-threat skillsets and Mariota can even be used in the Wildcat. But the effectiveness of the Wildcat is very limited and to expect Mariota to have a rebirth with limited skill players around him will not happen. Letting Ridder start helps him get regular season experience reading defenses and a chance to build early season chemistry with his receivers. For the long term, Ridder should be allowed to start week 1 to give him the best chance possible to develop into a top 15 football QB.

Finals thoughts

Putting together this piece has already given me an unquantifiable know-how boost. With football ramping up, baseball still going strong, and so many other sports fighting for space on your TV...let's just say it's an exciting time to be betting on the Betly Sportsbook. Betly is your one-stop for everything mentioned above. Good luck out there!